Contactless ATM

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    Tap your phone. Get your cash. Only at UOB ATMs.

    Simply tap your phone and key in your ATM PIN for speedier cash withdrawals
    on the go.


With Contactless Cash Withdrawals, you can now withdraw cash easily and quickly with a tap of your phone instead of inserting your ATM card. UOB is the first bank in Southeast Asia to launch Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) that allows you to truly go digital.

How to

Get started

To enjoy the convenience of Contactless Cash Withdrawals, add your UOB Visa or MasterCard Debit Card to your mobile phone on MightyPay (Android users) or ApplePay (iPhone users).

Click on the icons below for a step-by-step guide on adding your UOB Visa or MasterCard Debit Card.


Mighty Pay
(Android Users)
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Apple Pay
(iOS Users)
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How to perform a Contactless Cash Withdrawal at the ATM


1. Tap your device on the contactless symbol, and select your card with ATM access



2. Key in your ATM PIN



3a. Start your transaction; or

3b. Collect your cash if you have enabled your preset withdrawal settings.

Preset Withdrawal Settings
With Preset Withdrawal Settings, you can now preset your preferred withdrawal amount for a quicker and more convenient cash withdrawal experience. Follow the steps below to enable or disable your preset withdrawal settings.


1. In your Mighty app, select "Contactless ATM" in the "Services" menu



2. Tap on the card you wish to make preset withdrawals from



3. Tap on toggle for Preset Withdrawal



4. Indicate your preference on Debiting Account, Withdrawal amount and Display of Balance


Compatible UOB Cards

Android users will be able to add their UOB ATM card to Mighty Pay to enjoy contactless withdrawal features.

Don't have a UOB Visa or MasterCard Credit or Debit Card?
Click on the cards above to find out more and to apply.


  • Q1. What is Contactless ATM?
    Contactless ATM refers to our ATMs which are equipped with a contactless reader. With this function, you can now perform a cash withdrawal using your mobile device instead of inserting your bank card. UOB is the first bank in Southeast Asia to allow you to conduct contactless cash withdrawal.

  • Q2. What cards are supported?
    The same Visa or Mastercard that you are using for ATM cash withdrawals today are supported. You can add the card to your ApplePay/Mighty Pay wallet, and start enjoying Contactless ATM withdrawals.

  • Q3. Can I use my UOB ATM card for this function?
    Yes you can. If you are using an Android phone, you can add your UOB ATM card to Mighty Pay. If you are using an Apple phone, add your UOB ATM card to Apple Pay.

  • Q4. What is preset withdrawal settings?
    Preset withdrawal settings allow you to indicate your withdrawal amount, account to withdraw from and balance display or receipt, so that there is no need to make those selections on the ATM screen. You will get your cash right after you key in your ATM pin, making your cash withdrawal even easier. You can choose to preset your withdrawal settings via UOB Mighty.

  • Q5. What if I don’t want to withdraw my preset amount of cash?
    You can enable and disable this preset withdrawal setting function with the toggle in your Contactless ATM setting within UOB Mighty. When this setting is turned off, you will be guided by the ATM to enter the amount you wish to withdraw each time.

  • Q6. Can I set different preset withdrawal settings for my different cards with ATM access?
    Yes. If you have more than one card enabled for Contactless ATM cash withdrawal, you can preset individual preset withdrawal settings for each card.

  • Q7. My Visa / Mastercard Credit Card is not linked to my Current / Saving Account, can I still use it for this function?
    If your Visa or Mastercard credit card is not linked to any of your Current / Saving Account, you will not be able to use the card for Contactless ATM withdrawal. Visit the nearest branch to link your UOB Visa and MasterCard Credit Card to your current or savings account, if you want to enable Contactless ATM withdrawals for this credit card.

  • Q8. Is Contactless Cash Withdrawal considered a cash advance transaction?
    No. Your contactless Cash Withdrawal with a credit card linked to your UOB current or savings account via ApplePay™ or Mighty Pay is not considered a cash advance transaction, as the cash withdrawal is made from your current or savings account, and not your credit line.
    Visit the nearest branch to link your UOB Visa and MasterCard Credit Card to your current or savings account.

  • Q9. How do I get started?
    You will first need to add your UOB Visa or MasterCard Debit or Credit Card on ApplePay™ or Mighty Pay.
    You can also add your UOB ATM Card to Mighty Pay for this service if you are using an Android device

    Get step by step instructions to add your card on ApplePay™ and Mighty Pay.

    After which, at the Contactless ATM,
    • Select your UOB Visa and MasterCard Debit/Credit Card on ApplePay™, or select your UOB Visa and MasterCard Debit/Credit Card or UOB ATM Card Mighty Pay.
    • Hold your device over the contactless symbol on the ATM, and access the card in either ApplePay™ or Mighty Pay
    • Enter your Card Pin at the ATM key pad to start your transaction.

  • Q10. What are the services that are supported on the Contactless ATM?
    Currently, only cash withdrawal is supported. To access the rest of the ATM services, you may use your physical card.

  • Q11. What is the withdrawal limit for Contactless Cash Withdrawal?
    The withdrawal limit is the same as your physical card.

  • Q12. How can I check my balances after a cash withdrawal?
    You can check your balances through the ATM screen or ATM printed receipt right after your transaction. Alternatively, you may also check your account balances through UOB Mighty or Personal Internet Banking.

  • Q13. Where can I find a Contactless ATM?
    You can find contactless ATMs in most UOB ATM locations. Please click here to view all Contactless ATMs.

  • Q14. Are there charges for Contactless Cash Withdrawal?
    No. There are no additional charges applicable for Contactless Cash Withdrawal.

  • Q15. Will I receive transaction alerts through SMS or email for cash withdrawal from Contactless ATM?
    Yes. You will receive transaction alerts based on your current setting on ATM cash withdrawal threshold.
    To change the threshold to receive transaction alerts, sign in to Personal Internet Banking.
Q16. What is your security policy?
We are committed to meeting and exceeding all industry standards. Protecting your transaction is our job and we take it very seriously. To read more on security policy, please click here.

Contactless Cash Withdrawal from a Contactless ATM is as secure as using your physical ATM card. You will still be required to enter your Card Pin on the ATM Pin Pad. As an added layer of security, for the Contactless ATM to recognize your card, you have to unlock the ApplePay™ or Mighty Pay wallet with your fingerprint, Face ID or passcode*.

*For Mighty Pay, entering your Wallet PIN is not required, unless you have set the Payment Limit to $0.

ApplePay™ terms and conditions apply. View here.