CPFIS & SRS Corporate Actions Information

Security Name ISIN Event Type Record Date UOB Closing Date
(form submission)
Mail-out Date
of Form
Mode of
Form Template for
Capitaland Limited SG1J27887962 Scrip Dividend 08 Jul 2020 27 Jul 2020 17 Jul 2020 Hard copy Form – Capitaland Ltd
Banyan Tree Holdings Limited SG1T49930665 Rights Issue 25 Jun 2020 23 Jul 2020 13 Jul 2020 Hard copy Form – Banyan Tree(SRS)

Form – Banyan Tree(CPF)
Valuemax Group Limited SG2G29997704 Scrip Dividend 06 Jul 2020 20 Jul 2020 08 Jul 2020 Hard copy Form – Valuemax
ISDN Holdings Limited SG1S48927937 Scrip Dividend 07 Jul 2020 27 Jul 2020 09 Jul 2020 Hard copy Form – ISDN
Far East Orchard Limited SG2P56002559 Scrip Dividend 17 Jul 2020 12 Aug 2020 20 Jul 2020 Hard copy Form – Far East Orchard

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