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Private Home Loan

Enjoy additional legal and valuation subsidies when you refinance your Private Home Loan with UOB or take up a new Property Equity Term Loan.


    HDB Home Loan

    Enjoy a total home solution with us. Our HDB Home Loan is designed to give you competitive interest savings, flexibility, convenience and a host of other benefits to answer your every need.


      International Property Loan

      Whether you are buying an overseas property in United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Thailand or Malaysia, our mortgage team can provide financing advice at your convenience and is here to tailor a property loan package to suit your needs.


        UOB Go Green Home Loan

        The UOB Go Green Home Loan is a unique financing solution designed to fulfill your home buying needs while reducing your carbon footprint and ownership costs, so you can live in a greener, more sustainable manner.



          Refinance your residential or commercial property with UOB to enjoy great savings. Plus, unlock the potential of greater financial flexibility today!


            Property Equity Financing

            Property equity financing enables you to obtain funds to meet your financial needs and goals. By tapping the equity in your property, you can take advantage of lower interest rates and use the money for whatever needs that arise.


              Commercial Property Loan

              With UOB Commercial Property Loan, you can enjoy competitive interest rates and benefits. With higher interest savings, you can have the freedom of channelling your funds into building your business.


                Managing your UOB Property Loan

                As your priorities and lifestyle change, you may reassess your financial commitments, and your home loan needs may evolve as well.

                Turn your UOB Property Loan into a financial advantage today.


                  Home Construction Loan

                  UOB Home Construction Loan provides the financing you need to make your dream home a reality.



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                    Tools and Services

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                    Getting Married

                    Getting Married

                    Marriage marks the start of a new adventure with your partner. It is never too early to start planning ahead for one of the most important milestones in your life.

                    Starting a Family

                    Starting a Family

                    At UOB, we believe all children are smart. Start by building a plan now to nurture your child’s unique combination of smarts.

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