How do I apply for a UOB Credit Card?

For new customers, you may submit your application online through our website at

For existing customers, please log in to your UOB Personal Internet Banking / UOB TMRW to apply for a new card.

Visit to check for your application status by keying in your application reference ID and your date of birth. Alternatively, you may visit UOB website, click on “CARDS”, under ‘TOOLS’, click on ‘CARD APPLICATION STATUS.’

If you are required to upload additional documents, please note the following requirements:

    • Document format: jpg, jpeg, png , pdf
    • Maximum file size for each uploaded document: 5MB


You will receive a letter from the Bank stating the documents that need to be submitted as well as next steps to complete your application. Alternatively, you may contact our 24-hour hotline at 1-800-2222-121 to speak with our Customer Service Officers.

If you are required to submit a copy of Affirmation of Declaration, please click here to download a copy.

Card activation

Click here to find out more

Card Fee Waiver

Submitting a card fee waiver

Fee waiver requests are only accepted via our automated self-serve channels.

  1. UOB TMRW app
  2. Phone Banking
  3. UOB Digital Assistant

Click here to find out more.

Credit limit

To apply for a permanent credit limit increase is easy and convenient!

Simply retrieve your personal information with MyInfo > and it will take about 3 minutes to complete your application – no document uploads required.

For Foreigners and customers without SingPass,

and furnish us with the required income documents.

If you need a temporary credit limit increase, simply apply with UOB TMRW for instant approval or call us at 1800 222 2121 for further assistance.

Temporary credit limit increase is only applicable for overseas travel, weddings, medical / hospitalisation and compassionate purposes.

Note: Both Principal and Supplementary Cardmembers' consent are required in order for supplementary cards to enjoy a temporary or permanent credit limit increase requested by the Principal Cardmember.


You may subscribe to eStatement via UOB TMRW app or UOB Personal Internet Banking.


Step 1
Log in to UOB TMRW and tap "eStatements". Alternatively, you could tap on "Services" and select "eStatements" under Transactions.

Step 2
Tap "Manage" found on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3
Tap "Switch Now".

Step 4
Select the accounts, investments or cards that you wish to switch to electronic statement.

Step 5
Tap "Save".

Step 6
You have successfully enrolled for your eStatement.

For more information, please click here. Alternatively, you could also subscribe to eStatement on UOB Personal Internet Banking.

Once you have successfully signed up for the service; your eStatement will be available for viewing on your digital account from the next statement cycle onwards. This feature has 5 years of archival of your electronic statement; it will be from the date of subscription. Hence, the option for back dated statement prior to the time you sign up to the service is not available. Please be advised that eStatement option is only available for statement-based Current and Savings accounts (excluding Passbook Savings Account), Credit/Debit Cards and CashPlus accounts.

For more information, please visit the UOB estatement website.

The service is free of charge

You will receive a notification when your eStatement/eAdvice is ready, via your choice of SMS or email.

Upon successful enrollment to eStatements/eAdvices, you will no longer receive physical copies of your statements from the following month.

There is no option for receiving both eStatements and physical copies of your statements.

You may choose to switch back to paper statement with these 3 steps:
Step 1: Login to UOB Personal Internet Banking (PIB).
Step 2: Click on Manage eStatement /eAdvice Subscriptions on the left menu bar.
Step 3: Uncheck the box for eStatement(s) or eAdvice(s) to unsubscribe.

You will enjoy easy access to 5 years of our eStatements/eAdvices commencing from the time you are enrolled for the service. However, you will not be able to see past bank statement(s) or eAdvice(s) prior to the enrolment.

Overseas usage

The exchange rates used to convert foreign currency transactions into Singapore dollars may vary from day-to-day and is also dependent on when the transactions are submitted for processing by the merchants.

In addition, foreign currency transactions are subject to a foreign currency administrative fee levied on the Singapore dollars amount converted. Please refer to Appendix 1: Fees and Charges Guide of the UOB Cardmembers Agreement for details of our fees and charges.


With your KrisFlyer / Asiamiles membership number, please call UOB Contact Centre Service at 1800 222 2121 to request for linkage or obtain a UOB Rewards – KrisFlyer / Asiamiles Enrolment Form and return the original completed form to UOB Card Centre at the address below.

UOB Cards and Payment
480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
#25-01 HDB HUB East Wing
Singapore 310480

You can convert your UNI$ to KrisFlyer miles after 5 working days.

If you are not yet a KrisFlyer member, please visit to enroll first as a member.

If you are not yet an Asiamiles member, please visit to enroll first as a member.

Yes, you may view your UNI$ balance and expiration date on your monthly Credit Card statement, via UOB TMRW app and by logging in your Personal Internet Banking ID, password and token/OTP.

You will need to have a UOB TMRW app or Personal Internet Banking account for redemption.

If you don't have Personal Internet Banking access? Click here to register and instantly get access with your UOB Card number.

Please refer to Section B Issuance and Redemption of UNI$ for more details.

Supplementary Cardmember(s) will earn UNI$ and these UNI$ will be accumulated in the Principal Cardmember's account. Only Principal Cardmembers can redeem UNI$.

Under the UOB Rewards Programme, UNI$ earned from different UOB Card Accounts of the same UOB Principal Cardmember will be aggregated. However, the UNI$ is not transferable between accounts of different UOB Cardmembers.

Ways to Redeem UNI$:

  2. Personal Internet Banking
  3. Instant Rewards Redemption

Click here for more information.

Click here to sign up for Personal Internet Banking.

For redemptions made online or through UOB 24-hour self-service hotline, please allow approximately seven (7) working days for the physical voucher(s) to be mail to you based on your mailing address maintained with UOB.

For redemptions made online, you will receive an online confirmation when your redemption request is successful. The UNI$ will be deducted from your card account immediately. The Rewards Voucher will be mailed to you based on your Bank’s mailing address record.

There will be no cancellation and replacement of vouchers.

Please refer to UOB Rewards website for the individual catalogue items for more information.

To redeem your reward, you or your representative need to present the original redeemed physical Voucher with your authorised signature as proof of eligibility to the participating merchant.

For purchases exceeding the value of the Voucher, you or your representative need to charge the balance to UOB Card. There shall be no refund, in any form whatsoever, if the value of the goods and/or services is below that of the Voucher.

UOB Principal Cardmembers can now redeem their UNI$ for Vouchers or to offset their purchases directly at participating malls and retail/dining outlets.

The list of participating Instant Rewards partners can be found at UOB Rewards under Instant Rewards category via UOB website and Mighty app.

To perform an instant redemption, the Principal Cardmember must present his/her UOB credit card to the participating partners.

There will be no cancellation.

Please click here for the enrolment form.

S$25 conversion fee will be imposed for each one time conversion to KrisFlyer/Asia Miles. An annual S$50 conversion fee will be imposed for KrisFlyer auto-conversion to KrisFlyer miles.

For one time conversion, UNI$ can be converted to either KrisFlyer or Asia Miles (in blocks of 10,000 miles) at the conversion rate of UNI$1 = 2 miles.

For auto-conversion to KrisFlyer miles, UNI$ can be converted to KrisFlyer miles (in blocks of 5,000 miles) at the conversion rate of UNI$1 = 2 miles.

Redemption of frequent flyer miles is made available to Credit Cardmembers only.

You should allow approximately 5 working days.

You should allow up to 15 working days from the day of the conversion request.

There will be no specific confirmation, please contact the respective airlines for the conversion status.
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer at Tel: 6789 8188 or visit
Asia Miles at (800) 852 3747 or visit


UOB SmartPay is a feature that allows UOB credit cardholders to convert either the total outstanding credit card balance across all their UOB credit cards or up to five (5) selected transactions into interest-free instalments with a processing fee of 3% for 3- and 6-month tenures, or 5% for 12-month tenure.

You may apply for UOB SmartPay digitally by logging into your UOB TMRW App or Personal Internet Banking account .

To find out more on how you can setup your UOB Digital Access, visit:

Yes, you can apply for UOB SmartPay if your total credit card outstanding balance or the total amount of your selected transaction(s) is a minimum of S$500 and choose an instalment plan with a minimum tenure of 3-months.

UOB SmartPay is only available to UOB Personal Credit Cards and is not available to UOB Commercial Cards. You are allowed to convert amounts spent on retail transactions with any merchants.

Only amounts spent by way(s) of cash advance, balance transfer, instalment payment plan, interest free loan, SmartPay, fee or interest-related transactions cannot be converted into SmartPay.

Each instalment is calculated by dividing the converted amount by the instalment period evenly and posted to your card on a monthly basis.

For conversion of total outstanding bill across all credit cards, your total amount converted would be the sum of all SmartPay eligible transactions across all your UOB Credit Cards. For full list of transactions not eligible for UOB SmartPay, please view the UOB SmartPay Terms & Conditions here.

An approval SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number one (1) working day from your time of application to inform you if your application has been approved or rejected.

If SmartPay is approved between Statement Generation and your Statement Due Date (E.g. Statement generated on 12 Apr with Due Date on 2 May, SmartPay approved on 18 Apr), your amount due by your Due Date will be less the amount you have converted to SmartPay. You may check your UOB TMRW app transaction history for the amount that was successfully converted.

To calculate your revised Current Statement Due and Minimum Payment Due, use the below calculations as an example:


Amount to be paid by Due Date: $6,000
Minimum Due: $180 (3% or $50, whichever is higher)


Scenario 1:
After conversion of $6,000 to UOB SmartPay:

Minimum Payment Due: $180 (As per the minimum payment due computed before SmartPay conversion)
Amount to be paid by Due Date*: $180


Scenario 2:
After conversion of $3,000 to UOB SmartPay 6-month plan:

Minimum Payment Due: $180 (As per the minimum payment due computed before SmartPay conversion)
Amount to be paid by Due Date*: $3,000


*Note that in the event full payment of the amount due by the Due Date is not received, this would be deemed as partial payment and relevant fees and charges would be levied.


Cardholders are to check their statements and report any unauthorized transactions within 14 days of the statement date, otherwise the transactions will be deemed valid.

If you notice any unauthorized transactions in your credit or debit card statements, or if you receive an SMS notification alert for a transaction which you did not perform, please contact UOB Contact Centre immediately at 1800 222 2121 (or +65 6222 2121 if you are calling from overseas) for further assistance.
(Note: If you encounter any unauthorised transactions, do contact the Bank immediately to freeze your card for security reasons. Alternatively, you may block the card yourself immediately via the UOB TMRW mobile app.  Select the card to block > Settings > Block card or Report fraud. Refer here for more details.)

As we may only file chargeback requests for transactions that have been posted, transactions which are still in “pending” status will need to be posted before we proceed with the chargeback request.

Please note that there are no chargeback rights for fully authenticated transactions e.g. transactions authorised with One Time Password (OTP) input.

The Bank will assist you to report unauthorised transactions to the relevant card schemes e.g. Visa or Mastercard in accordance with their respective rules. Please note that you may be required to submit further information or supporting documents.

Useful links:
1. Credit Card Chargeback & Dispute Resolution
2. Mobile Malware

Transaction Alert

UOB will send you a transaction alert via SMS or Email when a transaction made on your UOB Credit/Debit card is at or above a threshold amount. It is a security measure to prevent fraudulent activities conducted on your UOB Credit and/or Debit Card by unauthorised parties.

This transaction alert service is a security measure put in place to protect your UOB Card from being used by unauthorized parties. To ensure all our customers’ accounts and cards are protected, UOB has discontinued the option to unsubscribe from this transaction alert service.

The default mode of transaction alert is SMS. You can change the mode of your transaction alert service via UOB Personal Internet Banking. Simply Log in and click on Account services > Manage alerts to select your preference. Alternatively, you can download and submit the Threshold Limit for Credit/Debit Card Transaction Alert Service form. For mail-in requests, please allow up to 5 working days for your records to be updated.

The default threshold amount set by the Bank is S$500 for each card.

The default threshold amount set by UOB is S$500 and above. You can change your threshold amount via UOB Personal Internet Banking. Alternatively, you can download and complete the Threshold limit for Credit/Debit Card Transaction Alert Service form available at or any UOB branch. For mail-in requests, please allow up to 5 working days for your records to be updated.

The threshold amount for all your Principal UOB Credit/Debit cards will be the same.

The threshold amount for your principal Card(s) will apply to your supplementary cards.

a. Instalment Payment Plan (IPP)
You will receive a One-time SMS or Email alert when you make an IPP transaction, if the transaction amount is at or above the default threshold limit. There will be no SMS or Email alert for each monthly instalment posted to your card, regardless of the amount.

b. Overseas transactions
Yes, you will receive an SMS or Email alert when your credit/debit card overseas transaction amount is at or over the default threshold amount.

c. Monthly recurring billing of instalment for SmartPay/LuxePay/IPP/PL
You would need to subscribe to this separate alert via UOB Personal Internet Banking. This alert is different from the transaction threshold alert.

Please call our 24/7 Fraud Hotline at 6255 0160.

Card Renewal

You can refer to the date next to “GOOD THRU ”, “VALID THRU” or “EXP. DATE” on  your card.

You may use your card until the last day of expiry month. For example, if the expiry date indicated is 10/28, the card is usable till 31 October 2028. The card will not be usable on 1 November 2028.

After your card has expired, you will need to activate and use your renewal card to perform your payment transactions.

No, your renewal card will be sent to you automatically.

You can expect to receive your renewal card one month before the card expiry date indicated on your current card. For example, if the expiry date indicated is 10/28, you can expect to receive your card by end of September 2028.

No, the renewal card is free of charge.

Yes, the renewal card will be sent to your overseas address that is registered with the bank.  

For security reasons, you should cut the card in half and cut through the card chip. After cutting the card, you can dispose it.

Your UOB card has an expiry for a few reasons. Firstly, it is to cater for normal wear and tear of the physical card. Secondly, it is to prevent fraud as the expiry date is an additional data point to check that the card information is valid and that you are the legitimate user.

To ensure your recurring bill payment is not affected, it is recommended to update your card information with the payee entity once your credit card has expired.

Yes, you can call our contact centre or visit any of our branches to request for an early renewal card.

Yes, you may use your existing card till your renewal card is activated.

Yes, supplementary card will be auto-renewed.

Yes, you may use your existing card which has yet to expire.

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