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December 2022

In our December report, we cover the following topics:

  • Seasonal trends can sometimes be observed in stock markets, but investors should not make decisions based on them.
  • After a tough year, there are signs the stock market may be reaching a bottom.
  • Investors are on the lookout for sectors that typically outperform during an economic rebound.
Thinking Ahead

What the US midterm elections could mean for markets

What should investors watch out for as voters head to the polls for the United States midterm elections on 8 November 2022? Does the US Federal Reserve’s latest interest rate hike pose further risks to economic growth? Find out more in our latest Thinking Ahead report

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    November 2022

    We cover the following topics:

    • The risk of a United States recession is rising, but any economic downturn would likely be mild.
    • Persistently high inflation reduces the purchasing power of your cash and erodes your wealth over time.
    • Earnings growth expectations for Chinese stocks have been depressed by negative news, which means there could be upside in the Chinese market.
    Thinking Ahead

    What's next for the China market?

    Markets fell sharply after China’s 20th National Congress concluded, stemming from concerns about economic growth and how market-friendly the Chinese Community Party’s new leadership would be. Learn more about the outlook for the Chinese market, as well as key developments investors should watch.

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      October 2022

      We cover the following topics:

      • More accommodative monetary policy in Asia can lend support to stocks
      • Asian economies with a greater reliance on domestic demand may better withstand developed markets’ slower growth
      • For China, focus on the valuations and trends of sectors with bigger weights in the benchmark index
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      September 2022

      We cover the following topics:

      • Investing for income can help you withstand the volatile environment
      • Build resilient income portfolios with quality bonds
      • Enhance your income returns by diversifying into dividend-yielding stocks
      Thinking Ahead

      Will interest rates continue to rise?

      Key takeaways from the Jackson Hole Symposium

      Stock markets sold off sharply after US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell cautioned that interest rates will likely stay elevated for some time, even if this causes “some pain” to households and businesses. Find out how you should position your investments to navigate this volatile environment.

        Thinking Ahead

        Recession risks and rate hikes

        Stay nimble amid recession risks and rate hikes

        With the United States economy slipping into a technical recession and the US Federal Reserve cautioning that another “unusually large” interest rate hike could be on the cards at its next meeting, it is critical that investors stay nimble and think ahead in this uncertain market landscape.

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          August 2022

          We cover the following topics:

          • Stock and bond prices should return to having an inverse correlation as inflation subsides
          • Seek refuge in investment grade corporate bonds as uncertainty persists
          • Asia ex-Japan stocks still present attractive opportunities
          Market Outlook

          2023 Market Outlook - Illuminating the Way Ahead: Clarity in Uncharted Terrain

          Discover our insights on how to manage risks and capture opportunities, as well as forecasts for interest rates, currencies and more, in our 2023 Market Outlook publication.

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            2023 Market Outlook

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