Card activation

Card activation

Credit and Debit Card Activation

Credit and Debit Card Activation

ATM Card Activation



ACTVA‹space›last 4 digits of your card number to 71423

E.g. ACTVA 9876 (if the last 4 digits of your card number is 9876)

UOB Personal Internet Banking

UOB Personal Internet Banking

Activate your card through your own Personal Internet Banking account



Find an ATM closest to you.

You will be receiving a One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS to complete the activation. Please ensure your mobile phone number is updated with us.

Note: Your ATM PIN is required for card activation.

Things you should know

FAQ on Card Activation

Q1. What are the Card(s) that require activation?

Card activation is required for all new, replaced or renewed Principal and Supplementary Personal/Corporate Credit Card(s), Debit Card(s) and ATM Card(s) (collectively "Card(s)" and each a "Card"), before the Card can be used for its first transaction/purchase.

Q2. Why do I need to activate my Card(s)?

This enhanced security feature prevents unauthorised use of your Card(s), should it get lost or intercepted in mail.

Q3. How do I activate my Card(s)?

You can activate your Card(s) via the following channels:

For Credit and Debit Cards

For ATM Cards

Q4. The card activation is not complete because I have not provided or updated my mobile phone number with UOB. How can I complete my activation?

You can visit any UOB Branch located in Singapore to activate your Card.

For Credit and Debit Cards, you can also download the Card Activation form and complete it before mailing to us. Please allow 5 working days for your Card to be activated.

Q5. How long does it take for my Card to be activated?

Q6. How do I know that I have successfully activated my Card(s)?
For verification purposes, you will need the following information and/or documents depending on the activation channels adopted for activating your Card:

Q7. What information do I need to activate my Card(s)?

Q8. What can I do if I am still unable to use my Card after activation?

Please call our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at 1800 222 2121 immediately.

Q9. I'm a Principal Credit Cardmember. Can I activate the Supplementary Card(s) held under my Principal Card account(s)?

Yes, you can activate both Principal Card(s) and Supplementary Card(s) that are held under your card account(s).

Q10. Can my Supplementary Cardmember(s) activate his/her supplementary card(s) held under my Principal Card account(s)?

Yes. Please note that Supplementary Cardmembers can only activate his/her supplementary card(s) but not the Principal Card(s).

Q11. Can I use a new* Credit / Debit Card / ATM Card that is un-activated?
• To perform transactions at the ATM;
• For internet purchases; and
• For instalment payment plan and recurring payment arrangements?

No. A new* un-activated Card cannot be used for any of the abovementioned transactions.
In the case of ATM transactions, you will be prompted on the ATM screen to activate your Card with your Card PIN, once the Card is inserted in the ATM.

*Refers to Card received for new card applications, excluding renewal/replacement cards for existing card accounts.

Q12. For my renewal/replacement Credit and Debit Card what happens to my existing GIRO, instalment payment plan and/or recurring payment arrangements?

All these arrangements will remain unchanged. However, your new Credit and Debit Card(s)'s expiry date will be different, so please kindly inform the respective merchants, where the Credit/Debit card(s) expiry date is necessary for authenticating any credit/debit card.

Card(s) activation will still be required to be completed before any transaction can be charged at any point-of-sale terminals.

Q13. What should I do with my existing Card(s) when I activate my new, replaced or renewed Card(s)?

For security purposes, please cut and dispose the existing or expired Card (s) appropriately.

Q14. Will annual fee be applicable to un-activated new/renewal/replacement Credit and Debit Card(s)?

Yes, the Card(s) annual fee will be still payable for all un-activated Card(s).

Q15. Can I activate my card via SMS from overseas?

No. SMS activation is only available in Singapore.

Q16. Can I activate my card via SMS with my overseas mobile number?

As long as your local or overseas mobile number is registered with the bank, you can use it to activate your card via SMS from Singapore.

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