Get the most out of your spend with UNI$

Get the most out of your spend with UNI$

Earn UNI$1 for every S$5 spend on your card and turn them into rewards you love. Cash out your UNI$ on things and experiences that you love, pay your bills with it, or even set up auto-conversion to cash rebates! With UOB TMRW, you can even track UNI$ earned by transactions and expiry dates.

Ways to redeem

Use your UNI$ to redeem your favourite treats from over 1,000 rewards across dining, fashion, home and electronics, stays and more! Alternatively, you can use it to offset your spend instantly at KrisPay, SP Utilities and other e-commerce platforms.

Learn how to redeem your UNI$ instantly, convert to miles, or offset your bills or purchases.

step 1

Get started on UOB TMRW

step 2

Select "Redeem UNI$"

step 3

Explore UNI$ rewards catalogue

step 4

Select reward for redemption

step 5

Select specific UOB Card to use

step 6

Confirmation of successful redemption

step 1

Get started on UOB TMRW

Open UOB TMRW and tap on "Rewards+" from the bottom navigation bar.

Key rewards you’ll love

Browse and redeem your UNI$ on the go from over 1,000 rewards across dining, fashion, home and electronics, local stays and more! Check out our top picks here.

View and redeem your rewards with UOB TMRW

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        Things you should know

        Important notice

        With effect from 1 August 2022, payments to IPAYMY, RWS-LEVY, SMOOVE PAY, SINGPOST – SAM, and Razer Pay and payments for utilities will be excluded from the awarding of UNI$.

        What is UOB Rewards Programme?
        It is a loyalty rewards programme where UOB Cardmembers earn UNI$ whenever he/she spend on his/her eligible Cards. Cardmembers can redeem for any exciting reward items from shopping, dining vouchers to movie tickets and more that are available in the UOB Rewards Catalogue whenever he/she has sufficient UNI$.

        How do I qualify and earn UNI$?
        You earn UNI$1 for every 5 SGD you spend on eligible purchases on an eligible UOB card. UNI$ are calculated per transaction, and rounded down to the nearest whole number.


        Eligible Cards:
        UOB Reserve Card, UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card, UOB Visa Infinite Card, UOB Privilege Banking Card, UOB Lady's Solitaire Card, UOB PRVI American Express® Card, UOB Platinum Card, UOB Preferred Platinum American Express® Card, UOB Visa/Mastercard Platinum, UOB Lady's Card, all UOB Affinity Cards, and the Corporate Cards) but excluding the UOB Visa/Mastercard Purchasing Cards and UOB Visa/Mastercard Travel Accounts.

        For more details on how you can earn and use UNI$, please see section B in our terms and conditions.

        I have a supplementary card. Can I earn and redeem UNI$?
        Yes, UNI$ earned by supplementary cardmembers are accumulated into the principal cardmember's account.

        Only principal cardmembers can redeem UNI$.

        Can I combine the UNI$ that I have earned from my different UOB Credit Cards, or transfer UNI$ between my accounts?
        The UOB Rewards Programme automatically combines all of the UNI$ you earn from different UOB Credit Cards into one. However, you can't transfer UNI$ between different cardmembers.

        How do I know how many UNI$ I have?
        Your UNI$ balance will be reflected on your monthly credit card statement. You may also login to your UOB Personal Internet Banking or UOB TMRW app to check on your available UNI$ and make a redemption.

        How do I redeem for UOB Rewards using my UNI$?
        You can redeem your UNI$ via:
        a) UOB secure web site.
        b) UOB TMRW app under the rewards section
        c) Participating Merchants offering Instant Rewards Redemption

        How can I redeem my rewards on the web?
        You can browse and redeem rewards via UOB Internet Banking.

        You will need your UOB Personal Internet Banking username and password to redeem rewards.

        How can I redeem my rewards on the TMRW app?
        You can browse and redeem rewards with your UNI$ on the UOB TMRW app. Open the app, tap into the Rewards+ section, and tap on Redeem UNI$.

        UOB TMRW is available on Apple iOS and Android devices. Find out more about UOB TMRW.

        You will need your UOB Personal Internet Banking username and password to redeem rewards.

        When do my UNI$ expire?
        UNI$ earned shall expire 2 years from the last day of each periodic quarter in which the UNI$ was earned. Each UNI$ period is calculated commencing from January to December of each calendar year. Expired UNI$ cannot be replaced or reinstated.

        How does the Instant Rewards programme work?
        You can use your UNI$ for vouchers or to offset your purchases directly at the participating malls and retail or dining outlets. Instant Rewards are not available for supplementary card holders.

        Who are the Instant Rewards Partners?
        You may refer to Instant Rewards category here for an updated list of participating Instant Rewards partners.

        How do I get an instant rewards redemption?
        To get an instant reward redemption, present your UOB credit card at the participating merchant. Instant reward redemption is not available for supplementary card holders.

        What is Pay With UNI$?
        It is a seamless digital payment and rewards redemption program that allows you to use your UNI$ to offset bills and purchases instantly at key utility and e-commerce platforms anytime, anywhere.

        Where is Pay with UNI$ accepted?
        Our participating partners include:
        · Kris+ - You can convert your UNI$ to KrisPay miles instantly, anytime and anywhere, starting from as little as UNI$1,000 via the Kris+ App.
        · SP Utilities – You can use your UNI$ to offset your SP utilities bill instantly via the SP Utilities App at the rate of UNI$500 for S$5.
        · UOB Apple Rewards Store - You can use your UNI$ to offset your purchases of any Apple products instantly via the UOB Apple Rewards Store. UNI$100 converts into S$1.

        How does the UOB Cash Rebate Auto Conversion Programme work?
        With the UOB Cash Rebate Auto Conversion Programme, UOB Cardmembers can choose to automatically convert their UNI$ into cash rebate to offset their monthly Credit Card bill.

        How do I participate in the UOB Cash Rebate Auto Conversion Programme?
        To participate, simply complete the online application form here.

        How long will it take to process my online UNI$ redemption request?
        For redemptions made online or through our UOB 24-hour self-service hotline, please allow approximately fourteen (14) working days for the physical Voucher(s) to be mailed to you.

        How do I know that my online redemption request has been successful?
        For redemptions made online, you will receive an online confirmation when your redemption request is successful. The UNI$ will be deducted from your card account immediately. The deduction will also be reflected in your Credit Card statement.

        The respective Voucher(s) will be mailed to you based on your latest mailing address maintained with UOB.

        Can I request to cancel or replace the redeemed Voucher(s)?
        No cancellation and replacement of Voucher(s) will be allowed upon successful redemption.

        Can I use more than one Voucher per transaction?
        Please refer to UOB Rewards website for the individual catalogue items for more information

        How do I redeem my reward?
        To redeem your reward, you or your representative need to present the original physical Voucher(s) with your authorised signature as proof of eligibility to the participating merchant. For purchases exceeding the value of the Voucher(s), you or your representative need to charge the balance to UOB Card. There shall be no refund, in any form whatsoever, if the value of the goods and/or services is below that of the Voucher(s).

        Can I request to cancel the redemption?
        No cancellation will be allowed upon successful redemption.

        Who can I call if I have enquiries regarding UNI$?
        For any enquiries pertaining to UNI$, please call UOB 24-hour Call Centre at 1800 222 2121