Earn cashback as you spend

Earn cashback as you spend

Get instant cashback and offset your next transaction at merchant outlets with UOB$ and FavePay.

Save more with UOB$

The new UOB$ Programme allows you to earn instant cashback all year round for every UOB Cards transaction made at participating merchants.
Up to 10% cashback

Up to 10% cashback

Get UOB$ cashback on all purchases in-store at participating outlets.

Automatically offset your spend

Automatically offset your spend

Use your earned UOB$ on your next bill at the same merchant.

Earn UOB$ across all categories islandwide

Earn UOB$ across all categories islandwide

Enjoy instant cashback on your favourite meals, retail purchases and more!

Participating UOB$ merchants

Enjoy up to 10% UOB$ cashback and redeem it on your next purchase at more than 900 participating outlets

New UOB$ merchants

Check out new UOB$ offers to enjoy up to 10% cashback at over 900 outlets islandwide!

View and track your earned UOB$ on UOB TMRW

step 1

Get started with UOB TMRW

step 2

Select My rewards

step 3

Select UOB$

step 4

View individual merchants

step 5

View history

step 1

Get started with UOB TMRW

Open UOB TMRW and select the Rewards+ tab at the bottom.

How to pay with UOB TMRW

step 1

Select Scan to pay on UOB TMRW

step 2

Select payment mode

step 3

Review order details

step 4

Change UOB Card for payment

step 5

Review and confirm payment

step 6

View payment details

step 1

Select Scan to pay on UOB TMRW

Open UOB TMRW and select Scan to pay to scan the QR code.

Earn and track your cashback on UOB TMRW

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        Things you should know

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is UOB$ Programme?
        The UOB$ Programme was previously called UOB SMART$ Rebate Programme. This is a loyalty programme that awards you instant cashback (UOB$) for every UOB card transaction at participating merchants. The UOB$ you earn will automatically offset your next purchase at the same merchant.

        How does UOB$ Programme works?
        The UOB$ Programme gives you up to 10% cashback year-round at over 1,000 participating merchants. The UOB$ you earn will automatically offset your next purchase at the same merchant.

        Where can I find the list of participating UOB$ merchants?
        Click here for the full list.

        Can I save up my UOB$ and redeem them in one transaction?
        No, UOB$ earned from the previous transaction will automatically offset your next purchase with the same merchant.

        Are UOB$ transferrable?
        No, UOB$ are not transferrable, cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be used to pay for Card Transactions, fees or charges.

        What happens if my transaction amount is lower than my current UOB$ balance?
        You will be able to offset your entire transaction amount using your UOB$. No UOB$ is earned for such transactions

        Will I be able to earn UOB$ on all UOB Cards?
        No, UOB$ is not awarded for UPI and American Express cards.

        Can I earn UOB$ if I am not a UOB Cardmember?
        UOB$ are only available when you pay using a UOB card with either Visa or MasterCard. If you don't currently hold a UOB card, you can apply here.

        Can I earn UOB$ if I pay using my mobile wallet (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay etc)?
        UOB$ may be earned on Card Transactions made via a Mobile Wallet.

        However, UOB$ cannot be redeemed on Card Transactions made via a Mobile Wallet, except for the following: (i) Apple Pay using a Mastercard UOB Card; or (ii) such other mobile wallets as UOB may determine in its sole discretion (collectively, the “Eligible Mobile Wallets”). For the avoidance of doubt, UOB$ may only be redeemed on Card Transactions made via the Eligible Mobile Wallets.

        How do I check UOB$ balance?
        You can check your UOB$ balance and your history for the past 3 months in My Rewards in the Rewards+ section of the UOB TMRW app.

        Where can I redeem the SMART$ balance as of 10 Oct 2021?
        You can redeem the SMART$ balance at over 200+ Dairy Farm Group (DFG) outlets (Giant, Cold Storage or Guardian). The SMART$ balance will be automatically offset from your purchase transaction at the DFG outlets.

        Why am I able to see the UNI$ balance for my blocked cards in My rewards, but unable to see their UOB$ balances?
        You can still see UNI$ earned on blocked cards because UNI$ are pooled together across your cards and rolled up to customer level. But UOB$ is card-specific, and the card's UOB$ balance will not be reflected if the underlying card is blocked.

        What is FavePay?
        FavePay is a cashless QR payment method that you can use to pay at any participating Fave merchant in Singapore.

        Where can I use FavePay?
        You can pay with FavePay at 13,000 Favepay partner outlets across Singapore.

        How do I pay with FavePay?
        1. Open the UOB TMRW app and tap on Scan to Pay.
        2. Scan the FavePay QR code at a participating Fave merchant.
        3. Enter your bill amount.
        4. Select the UOB card for the transaction, and tap Next.
        5. Review and confirm the transaction and tap Confirm.

        Why should I use FavePay?
        When you pay with FavePay in Singapore, you get exclusive discounts or cashback up to 10% of your bill amount.

        Which cards can I use to pay for FavePay transactions?
        You can use any Visa or MasterCard UOB credit or debit card. UOB e-cards are not eligible.

        Where can I use my Fave Partner Cashback?
        Your Fave Partner Cashback can be used with the partner you earned it with. You must pay with FavePay in order to use your cashback. The cashback will be automatically deducted from your total amount when you use FavePay.

        Does Fave Partner Cashback expire?
        Yes. Go to My Rewards in the Rewards+ section of the UOB TMRW app to see the expiry date of your cashback.

        How do I check my Fave Partner Cashback balance?
        Open the UOB TMRW app and go to My Rewards in the Rewards+ section. You'll find your Fave Partner Cashback listed by merchant.

        Can I cancel my FavePay transaction?
        No, FavePay transactions are made after you have made your purchase, and can't be cancelled by you.

        However, if you paid the wrong amount, you can request the merchant to cancel it on their end within 24 hours. Once the merchant cancels the transaction, your money will be refunded back to your card or e-wallet. Refunds take 7–14 working days.

        Where can I find the receipt ID of my FavePay transaction?
        Go to the Rewards+ section in the UOB TMRW app. Tap on My rewards, and then on Fave Partner Cashback. In the next screen, tap on Payment history and find the transaction you're looking for. Tapping on it will bring up a Fave receipt – you'll find the receipt ID right below the amount.

        I have a question about a FavePay transaction I did on the TMRW UOB app. Who do I contact?
        You can contact Fave by clicking on ‘Contact Us’ button in the receipt under “FavePay” Payment history page in My Rewards wallet.

        Where can I find the terms and conditions for Fave services?
        Click here for details.