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    Enjoy payment convenience by adding cards to Google Pay or Fitbit Pay securely via UOB Mighty

Effective from 15 September 2021, UOB Mighty Pay will be discontinued. You can continue to enjoy mobile payment & contactless withdrawal, simply by adding your UOB Card to Google Pay or Fitbit Pay via UOB Mighty.

Click here to find out how.

  • Q1. Why is UOB Mighty Pay discontinued?
    We are constantly enhancing the Mighty app for better customer experience. With this new add cards to Google Pay feature on Mighty, customers can add their cards without inputting their card details and will get to enjoy in-app payment for their android devices more seamlessly. This service will be replacing UOB Mighty Pay.

  • Q2. When will UOB Mighty Pay be discontinued?
    With effect from 15 September 2021, UOB Mighty Pay will be discontinued.

  • Q3. Can I continue to make mobile payments (including contactless cash withdrawal) after the discontinuation of UOB Mighty Pay?
    You will no longer be able to perform any mobile payments and contactless cash withdrawal via UOB Mighty Pay. However, you can enjoy the convenience of mobile payments by adding your UOB Credit or Debit Cards (Visa/Mastercard only) to Google Pay* via UOB Mighty.
    *Only available for Android users.

  • Q4. What happens if I only hold the UOB ATM Card & does not have any UOB Credit or Debit Card? Can I add my UOB ATM Card into Google Pay via UOB Mighty?
    Google Pay push provisioning via UOB Mighty is only available for UOB Credit or Debit Cardmembers (Visa/Mastercard only). You will not be able to add your UOB ATM Card into Google Pay via UOB Mighty. Alternatively, you may apply for a UOB Credit or Debit Card & use UOB Mighty to add your new card to Google Pay for immediate use. Find out more about UOB Cards here.

  • Q5. How do I add my UOB Credit or Debit card (Visa/Mastercard only) to Google Pay via UOB Mighty?
    You can follow the step by step guide here to add your card to Google Pay via UOB Mighty.

  • Q6. Can I perform Contactless Cash Withdrawal at ATMs with Google Pay?
    Yes, you can. However, if you’re a UOB ATM Cardholder, you will not be able to perform Contactless Cash Withdrawal as UOB ATM Cards are not supported by Google Pay. You may continue to use your physical UOB ATM Cards to perform point-of-sale transactions and cash withdrawal at UOB ATMs.

  • Q7. Does Google Pay support NETS payments?
    No, Google Pay only supports Visa or Mastercard mobile contactless payments.