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Receive money directly into your bank account with just your mobile number.

Send money to the right person by being able to validate it instantly.

Get notified via SMS on your fund transfer status.

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How to send money using PayNow

How to receive money using PayNow

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PayNow is a new service that enables customers of participating banks to send and receive Singapore Dollar funds from one bank to another, using just their mobile number and/or Singapore NRIC/FIN almost instantly.

PayNow was introduced in response to the increased demand from customers to make funds transfer more convenient and efficient. 

Which are the participating banks of PayNow? 
PayNow is currently offered by 9 banks – Bank of China, Citibank Singapore Limited, DBS Bank/POSB, ICBC, HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and United Overseas Bank. More banks may join at a later date.

Yes, PayNow is secure and adopts the same high security standards established by the banking industry in Singapore for funds transfer.

You can transfer funds subject to your daily or monthly withdrawal limits. Please refer here for more information.

PayNow is riding on the FAST platform and therefore operates 24/7.

Customers of the 9 participating banks can use PayNow.

You can access PayNow using UOB Personal Internet Banking/UOB Mighty.

You can only receive funds sent via PayNow if you have linked your mobile number and/or Singapore NRIC/FIN to your bank account number. This can be done via UOB Personal Internet Banking/UOB Mighty. 

Please note that you can only receive funds to the account you have linked your mobile number and/or Singapore NRIC/FIN to. If you want to receive funds to another account within UOB, you can do it by tapping "PayNow" and then "Setup", but if you want to receive funds to UOB account changing from another participating bank account, you will have to de-register your mobile number with the first bank and link your mobile number at the other bank.

You can access PayNow using UOB Personal Internet Banking/UOB Mighty. 

At the funds transfer screen, enter the recipient's mobile number or NRIC/FIN, and the amount to be transferred — and the funds are transferred almost instantly. Learn more details here.

No. PayNow only enables funds transfer between participating banks. Funds between a participating and non-participating bank can be transferred via other channels such as FAST or Interbank GIRO.

No. PayNow can only be used for Singapore Dollar funds transfers between participating banks.

The status of your funds transfer is available in the transaction history and can access via UOB Personal Internet Banking/UOB Mighty.

No, there are no charges to use PayNow.

If you have transferred money to an unintended recipient, you should immediately call 1800 222 2121. We will investigate and follow up with the recipient's bank to return the funds. You may be advised to lodge a police report to facilitate their investigation.

If you have received money and do not know where it came from, you should immediately contact 1800 222 2121 to authorise the return of the money to the sender. You should not utilise the money. 

You should also report the transaction to the police.