Visual Impairment-Friendly ATM

  • visual-impairment-friendly-atm

    Enhanced access to ATM services

In our continuous commitment to improve the standards of customer service for our diverse base of customers, UOB now offers enhanced ATM access for customers who are visually-impaired or have low vision.

To locate your nearest visual-impairment friendly ATM, please click here



These accessibility-enhanced ATM machines are equipped with audio jacks and deliver high quality text-to-speech voice instructions through the customer's earphone. The universal 3.5mm jack will accommodate all standard earphones.


Each accessibility-enhanced ATM machine is identified with a special identifier decal, which helps caregivers in guiding the customer with visual impairment or low vision to the machine.


Braille characters indicate the location of the audio jack as well as the cash slot, to help the customer identify necessary features on the machine.


For assistance or further details, please call our 24-hour Call Centre Hotline at 1800 222 2121.



Fast Cash Withdrawal and Balance Enquiry are supported.

You will need earphones with a standard 3.5mm audio connector, an ATM card and your PIN.

English and Chinese are available

There is no change to the cash withdrawal limits when using the audio flow.

These ATMs have been designed for the ATM screen to be disabled when an audio flow is activated. Customer’s account details will not be displayed on the screen.

Fast Cash Withdrawal and Balance Enquiry

No, receipts are not issued for such transactions.

Yes, by default the ATM will read out your account balance as part of the cash withdrawal transaction.

Yes, you can insert your UOB ATM card to use the ATM in the regular mode where transaction details are displayed on screen.

  1. The ATM will not be able to continue with the voice guided instructions.
  2. If the ATM does not receive customer input, the transaction will timeout and the ATM card will be ejected after 45 seconds.

We advise customers to press the ‘Cancel’ button on the ATM PIN Pad to cancel the transaction.