What are the prohibited industries and products?

Applicable for Merchants and Master Merchants/Payment Facilitators

List A - UOB prohibited industries and products for all schemes

  1. Companies not registered in Singapore
  2. Contraband tobacco
  3. Counterfeit or Intellectual Property (IP) Infringing Goods and Services
  4. Defence-related business, military and police deal
  5. Illegal / counterfeit pharmaceuticals
  6. Illegal or Miscoded online gambling
  7. Illegal supplements / nutraceuticals
  8. Money lending business
  9. Moneylenders that conduct gambling related activities/ finance gambling related activities
  10. Narcotics and related accessories
  11. New merchants (regardless of business type) requesting for temporary terminals
  12. Online pharmacy
  13. Pawn Shop and Services
  14. Pornographic content and services
  15. Pyramid schemes and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  16. Remittance agent or money changer
  17. Unregulated law firm or accounting company
  18. Weapons of all types (including but not limited to daggers, firearms and accessories), replica weapons, ammunitions and explosives)
  19. Any other illegal products or services

List B - Alipay Prohibited Products

For Alipay prohibited products, please click here and refer to Annex I: Lists of Prohibited and Restricted Products.

List C - WeChat Pay Prohibited Products

For WeChat Pay prohibited products, please click here and refer to Section 2. Forbidden Categories.

Applicable for Master Merchants/Payment Facilitators only
(The following are the additional items on top of all Lists mentioned above)

  1. Aggregating Master Merchants/Payment Facilitators
  2. Marketplaces
  3. Merchants on MATCHTM (Mastercard Alert To Control High-risk Merchants)
  4. Sale of any goods or services that purports to test, cure, treat, or prevent COVID-19
  5. Staged Digital Wallets

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