We are changing SMS alerts to email and Push Notifications

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Why Email & Push Notification

Stay updated on your financial transactions with UOB TMRW. Receive real time secure updates on your financial transactions with UOB via email notifications and mobile push notifications on UOB TMRW.


How to tell a notification is from UOB:

Email notification

All email notifications will only be sent by unialerts

Email Notification



Push notification

All push notifications will only be sent by UOB TMRW.

Push Notification



Effective from Oct 2021, we will be phasing out SMS alerts to email notifications and mobile push notifications progressively for the next few months, so stay tuned for more updates. Please click here for the list of transactions.

For more information on the E-Payments User Protection Guidelines, please click here.

What you need to do

Update your email address so you will not miss out on your transaction alerts and important notifications.


Update via Personal Internet Banking


Enable notifications for UOB TMRW so you can receive push notifications:


How to view notification on UOB TMRW


Enable notifications on Android


Enable notifications on iOS


Download UOB TMRW

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We will be sending important alerts related to your account(s) and banking activities directly to your email.

UOB TMRW Push Notification is a message sent to you directly through UOB TMRW. These messages will be stored in your Inbox on UOB TMRW for your easy reference.

Please log in to UOB TMRW to enable Push Notifications.

Yes – you can. But we strongly suggest you register your email address with the bank too as push notifications will only be stored for 7 days before it’s automatically removed from your inbox.

You will receive notifications related to your account(s) securely and conveniently in UOB TMRW instead of via SMS.

Card-related Transactions

  • Rewards and Travel$ redemption
  • Cash rebate credit
  • UOB Lady's LuxePay Plan request status
  • Lady’s Card bonus UNI$/ UNI$ Expiry Date status
  • Card issuance/activation/closure status
  • Balance transfer application status
  • Online cash advance status
  • Cheque/CashPlus/Credit card bill payment status
  • Low available credit limit/insufficient funds in foreign currency account
  • Credit limit adjustment status
  • Credit Line Utilization
  • SmartPay notification status
  • UOB MyPortfolio access status
  • Invalid KrisFlyer card details
  • NETS Payment

Other online banking transactions

  • PayNow account settings and Incoming PayNow
  • Incoming Funds transfer application
  • Recurring and ad-hoc funds transfer notification status
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc bill payment notification status
  • Demand draft notification status
  • Cashier’s order notification status
  • Telegraphic transfer notification status
  • eNETS notification status
  • Add cards to mobile wallets notification status
  • Credit card/Debit card PIN reset
  • Personal Internet Banking Activation and password reset status
  • eStatement notification status
  • Mobile cash
  • GIRO Application status
  • ATM Withdrawal Limit change
  • Electronic Shares application/withdrawal
  • Shares payment
  • Personal particulars update
  • Securities/SSB/SGS Bonds/SGS TBill Subscription and Redemption
  • Unit Trust notification status/Unit Trust price alerts
  • Investment – Buy/Sell Gold/Silver transaction status
  • Token activation

Transactions via other banking channels

  • Local ATM cash withdrawal
  • Overseas ATM cash withdrawal
  • ATM chip card reminder
  • ATM Rights application
  • ATM Funds transfer
  • Activate and Disable card for overseas usage
  • ATM C

By sending you alerts through Push Notifications, we will be able to provide you with a more seamless and centralised experience within UOB TMRW. You will also be able to access more of your past banking activities in a single Notifications inbox.

Unfortunately no. UOB will no longer send SMS alerts for those impacted transactions as we will progressively move some SMS alerts to Push Notifications and email notifications effective from Oct 2021.

We are unable to send alerts via both Push Notification and SMS. Instead, you will receive both Push Notifications and email notifications.

Yes. You will also receive emails. If you have an email address registered with us, you will receive emails relating to banking transactions by default. If you do not have an email address registered with us, you may update your email address via:


  • Login to UOB TMRW and tap on “Services
  • Under Profile, select “Contact details” and update your email address

UOB Personal Internet Banking:

  • Login to UOB Personal Internet Baking with your credentials
  • Select at top left pane next to XXXX or your name
  • Select “My Profile
  • Update your email address under PERSONAL DETAILS tab

You may have changed your email preferences for these alerts previously. You may go to UOB Personal Internet Banking to view and make changes to your alert preferences as follows:

UOB Personal Internet Banking:

  • Login to UOB Personal Internet Banking with your credential
  • Select “Account Services” in the left navigation pane
  • Select “Manage Alerts”
  • Update your preferences to Email for each alert

No, Push Notifications in UOB TMRW can only be accessed via one device at each time.

You can tap the Push Notification to view the message. The notifications will be stored in the notifications Inbox in UOB TMRW. You can access these anytime by logging in to UOB TMRW.
Note: Messages in Inbox will be stored for up to 7 days.

You can tap the Push Notification to expand it without the need to log in.

Yes, you can do so by logging in to UOB TMRW on your new phone.

No. The notifications will be automatically deleted after 7 days.