Apple Pay

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    The new, easy way to pay


What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is the new simple and secure way to pay using your UOB debit or credit cards.


Make contactless payments in shops with your iPhone and Apple Watch.

With Apple Pay, you can earn the same rewards as when you use your physical UOB credit cards.


When you use Apple Pay, your card number is never shared with any merchant or saved on your device.


Add your UOB debit or credit card to Apple Pay.


Open the Wallet app. 

Tap thesign at the top right.







Use your iPhone's camera to capture the card's information. You can also enter the card details manually.







Check the card details and enter security code (CVV or CVC).







Read and accept the 'Terms & Conditions' twice.







For security purposes, we will send you a verification code via SMS.

Enter this received verification code.







You can load multiple UOB cards and set a default card for payment.

Open the Wallet app, then tap and hold the card.

Drag it to the front and release.

You will receive a notification confirming your default card setting.



Supported Devices

Enjoy a new simple and secure way to make purchases.

Click here for the list of supported devices.


Use your UOB Mastercard and Visa cards for your commute

iPhone and Apple Watch

Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay on your iPhone, and scroll down to Transactions Defaults. Tap Default Card, then choose your UOB Mastercard or Visa card. On your iPhone, you can also open Wallet, touch and hold your UOB Mastercard, then drag it to the front of your cards.



Pre-arm for faster transaction


Here’s how to pay for your ride with Apple Pay.


With your iPhone 8 or earlier:

  • Make sure that your device is on before you enter the gate.
  • Apple Pay will pull up your default card. If it is not a Mastercard or Visa card, select now.
  • To change your default card go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay on your iPhone. Tap Default Card, then choose a Mastercard or Visa card.
  • As you approach a fare gate or board the bus, double-click the Home button with your device on the Lock screen.
  • Rest your finger on Touch ID. You'll see Hold Near Reader on the screen.
  • If you are using iPhone X or the latest model, authenticate with Face ID or enter your passcode.
  • Within a minute, hold the top of your iPhone near the contactless reader at the transit gate.
  • After a moment, you'll see Done and a checkmark on the display.


With your Apple Watch:

  • Double-click the side button.
  • Hold the display of your Apple Watch within an inch of the contactless reader.
  • Wait until you feel a gentle tap. Tap top part of iPhone with display facing customer to transact.


Other Key Transit Tips

  • Use the same device to tap in and out of gates/rides
  • Check that your phone has sufficient battery to last your trip
  • Tap top part of iPhone with display facing yourself to transact
  • Use a call to action (Shoebox) link to easily direct users to add a card to Wallet