Secure extra cash instantly at low processing fees and 0%^ interest when you apply for UOB Balance Transfer online now. T&Cs apply±.

At a glance
At a glance

Get extra cash without extra stress

Enjoy 0%^ interest and low one-time processing fees on your UOB Balance Transfer approved loan amount, across tenors of 3, 6 or 12 months!

T&Cs apply±.

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Extra cash at 0% interest

Extra cash at 0%^ interest

Get extra cash today for your investments, go for that well-deserved holiday or give your home a makeover.

^Processing fees apply

Flexible repayments

Flexible repayments

Pay from as little as S$30 or 2% of the statement balance, whichever is higher.

Get instant cash today when you apply for UOB Balance Transfer online

Get instant cash+ today when you apply for UOB Balance Transfer online

+Instant cash upon approval for applications submitted between 8am to 9pm

Frequently asked questions

I am an existing UOB Credit Card principal cardholder or CashPlus account holder, do I have to provide any documents?

As an existing credit card member or CashPlus account holder, no documents will be requested during application. However please ensure that your UOB Credit Card or CashPlus account is active and all your particulars including income are up to date.

The approved loan amount is subjected to the bank's review and can be lower than what you have requested. Disbursement happens automatically after approval to ensure customers receive their funds as fast as possible.

Yes, the prevailing late charge of your UOB Credit Card (or overdraft charges for UOB CashPlus account) will apply to your UOB Credit Card Balance Transfer (or UOB CashPlus Balance Transfer) if full payment of your minimum amount due is not received by statement due date.

No, Credit Card Balance Transfers do not earn any Uni$ on your credit card with the bank.

There is no early repayment fee, however, once the outstanding amount has been paid, it cannot be reversed for you to enjoy the 0% interest again, even if it’s within the loan tenor.

Yes, the funds for UOB Balance cannot be disbursed to or used for repayment of your UOB credit facilities, including your UOB Credit Card and UOB CashPlus account. Some possible uses for these funds are wedding, home renovations, travel, entrepreneurship, reducing or consolidating your debt with other banks or financial institutions, medical or other emergencies, lump sum payment for goods and services such as rent, tuition, school fees, etc.

Things you should know

  • Existing UOB Credit/CashPlus customer
  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • 21 - 65 years old
  • Minimum annual income of S$30,000

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