UOB Wellness Zone 2023: It’s a wrap!

UOB Wellness Zone 2023: It’s a wrap!

Thank you for your support for our inaugural wellness festival that was held on 27th and 28th June 2023 at UOB Plaza Atrium.

Over two days, we welcomed nearly 1,700 people and had a blast engaging with each and every one of you. Guests were able to try out activities that stretched both their bodies and minds. From novel experiences such as chair yoga, to unleashing their creativity with art workshops and making music with a singing plant, visitors left feeling rejuvenated and recharged!


Plus, with complimentary healthcare checks, insightful fireside chats and learning through a financial quiz, the festival truly embodied the spirit of taking charge of one's holistic well-being.


To those who have joined us, thank you for bringing your positive energy and being part of this event. We look forward to continue supporting you on your wellness journey!

Re-enter the Zone

At our two fireside chats, guest speakers weighed in on various financial wellness and investment strategies, and how financial wellness plays an important role in one’s overall wellness.

At the Financial Wellness Zone, visitors took part in quizzes to test their financial knowledge and to qualify for giveaways, while learning tips to protect themselves from falling for scams.

Participants joined the line at the Physical Wellness Zone to get a complimentary body analysis and spinal screening conducted by certified health professionals.

At the Mental and Emotional Wellness Zone, participants used a brain risk profiling tool to test themselves for early cognitive decline. Many were intrigued that they could even control a robotic spider using just their minds.

At the Retail Zone, visitors enjoyed a selection of local wellness brands and products on display.

Creativity, fun and new friendships flowed at the six UOB-NAC workshops, presented by Theatre Today.

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