Recurring Funds Transfer

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About Recurring Funds Transfer

Enjoy the convenience of setting up standing instructions for your local funds transfer by setting a fixed amount and frequency for the transfer on UOB Personal Internet Banking and Mighty app. One less thing on your to-do list!

Setting Up Recurring Funds Transfer

Steps to set up recurring funds transfer


Step 1

Login into UOB Mighty app and tap on "Pay/Transfer".


Step 2

Tap on the Account Type you wish to pay or transfer to.


Step 3

Tap on the Account you wish to pay or transfer the fund to.


Step 4

– Input the amount you are transferring to.
– Next, tap on the calendar icon to select the date for the first fund transfer to be initiated.


Step 5

Note: To setup a recurring fund transfer, you will need to select a future dated date.

If you select "Today" as the date of transfer, it will be treated as a one off immediate fund transfer.


Step 6

Select the Frequency of the recurring fund transfer. (e.g. Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly).


Step 7

Select the number of times for the recurring fund transfer to take place. You can select from 1 to 24, or select "Indefinite" if there is no end date for this recurring fund transfer.


Step 8

In the confirmation screen, check all details and swipe to the right to confirm.


Step 9

The recurring fund transfer setup is completed.


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