Credit Limit Review for Credit Cards and CashPlus

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    Maximise your UOB Card benefits
    by increasing your credit limit

    Maximise your UOB Card benefits by increasing your credit limit


Enjoy greater financial flexibility to do the things you love and maximise the benefits on your UOB Credit Card and/or UOB CashPlus with a hassle-free credit limit increase application.

Simply retrieve your personal information with MyInfo and it will take about 3 minutes to complete your application – no document uploads required! Alternatively, log in to your UOB Personal Internet Banking, fill up the online form and upload the required documents easily!

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Complete your application within 2 to 3 minutes by retrieving your personal information with MyInfo. No documents upload required.


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For customers without UOB Personal Internet Banking, you may complete the Credit Limit Review Form.

UOB Credit Cards Temporary Credit Limit Increase

Just need a temporary Credit Limit Increase? Simply apply with UOB TMRW for instant approval or call us at 1800 222 2121 for further assistance.
Temporary credit limit increase* is only applicable for overseas travel, weddings, medical / hospitalisation and compassionate purposes.

1 You can now print your Notice of Assessment at myTax Portal with your SingPass or IRAS PIN. The service is free. Log on to for more details.
2 For CPF Contribution History Statement submission, the maximum credit limit is calculated based on the CPF salary ceiling of S$6,000. Please submit your latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment together with your CPF Contribution History Statement if your monthly salary is more than S$6,000
* Both Principal and Supplementary Cardmembers' consent are required in order for supplementary cards to enjoy a temporary or permanent credit limit increase requested by the Principal Cardmember. Approval is subject to the Bank's sole discretion.

  1. The Bank has the right to grant you a credit limit that is lower than the preferred credit limit indicated in this application, particularly if you have any unsecured credit facility with the Bank and/or income documents which reflect a lower earned income. Adjustment to credit limit shall be rounded up to the nearest S$500 and where no preferred credit limit is stated above, the Bank may adjust the credit limit in its discretion. If your earned income is not less than S$30,000 p.a., the aggregate credit limit of your UOB Credit Card(s) and UOB CashPlus can be (a) up to 4 times your monthly income; or (b) a higher multiplier of your monthly income at the Bank’s discretion and as may be permitted under law.

  2. Any approved aggregate credit limit may be apportioned to your Credit Card(s) and/or CashPlus at the Bank’s discretion.

  3. Any approved credit limit increase for your Credit Card(s) will be assigned to all your current principal and supplementary Credit Card(s), save for existing supplementary cardholder(s) not included in this application, and you shall abide by such approved credit limit.

  4. If the credit limit for your Credit Card(s) and/or CashPlus is reduced pursuant to the Bank’s review and the current outstanding balance for such Credit Card(s) and/or CashPlus exceeds the revised credit limit, you must immediately pay the Bank such excess in the manner directed by the Bank in its discretion.

  5. For the Bank to assess this application, this application (duly completed and signed) and your latest and complete income documents must be submitted to the Bank within 3 weeks of the date of this application. Any late or incomplete submission may be declined without notification to you.

  6. The acceptance and approval of this application is at the sole discretion of the Bank whose decision is final, conclusive and binding. The Bank shall not be required to give any reason or prior notice or be liable to any person in connection with any acceptance or rejection of this application and no appeals or correspondences will be entertained.

  7. The Bank reserves the right to request for additional documents for the purpose of assessing your application for credit limit review.

  8. If you have been granted a temporary credit limit increase, any change to your credit limit on your Credit Card(s) and/or CashPlus will take effect only after the temporary credit limit increase has expired.

  9. Where this application is submitted by fax and/or email, the Bank is authorised to rely and act upon on the faxed and/or emailed copy without the original.

  10. This application supersedes any prior instruction on credit limit adjustment (if any) from you.