UOB Foreign Exchange (FX) Solutions

  • UOB Foreign Exchange (FX) SolutionsUOB Foreign Exchange (FX) Solutions

    Take charge of your currency needs with our FX solutions

Foreign Exchange (FX) touches everyone’s daily life – the right FX solution is essential when you are travelling, sending your child to study overseas or when you are investing to grow your wealth.

As a UOB Privilege Reserve client, you can leverage on our comprehensive suite of FX solutions that offers three key benefits:


Access as many as 20 global currencies to help you fulfil all your foreign currency needs.


Make FX conversions and transfers at your convenience across a variety of channels, including UOB TMRW and UOB Personal Internet Banking.


Tap on the expertise of our FX Specialists and get regular market updates to stay informed on the latest FX and market trends.


Whether you are saving, investing, trading or making payments, UOB FX Solutions can help fulfil your foreign currency needs.

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