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    Empowering you to achieve your wealth goals

Like many other investors, you may often have pressing questions about your portfolio: Are my investments keeping pace with the evolving market? Are they too risky for me?

Our Senior Client Advisors are equipped with our award-winning UOB Portfolio Advisory Tools, three complementary tools designed to help you monitor, manage and optimise your wealth portfolio. Our Portfolio Advisory Tools are now enhanced with SGFinDex data to analyse your consolidated wealth holdings in real time. This makes UOB the first bank to integrate SGFinDex data into our digital advisory tools.


Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Insights


  • Get a holistic overview of your portfolio and its exposure across asset classes, currencies, geographies, risk levels and more.

  • Enhanced with SGFinDex* data, our tools can analyse your consolidated wealth holdings across multiple bank accounts and government agencies in real time.
  • Receive insights on the projected risk levels and possible returns of your wealth holdings, based on historical market data. With scenario analyses, you can simulate how well your portfolio can withstand different market conditions.
  • Design a simulated portfolio with our recommended solutions using our Portfolio Explorer tool. Stress-test the allocations under various market conditions using historical data, so you can make informed decisions based on your risk appetite.

  • Gain certainty on the insurance coverage you need with our Insurance Explorer tool. Get a consolidated view of all your insurance policies, identify your protection gaps and see how our customised solutions can help you bridge them.

With Portfolio Advisory Tools, the recommendations you receive are anchored upon UOB’s proprietary Risk-First approach to wealth management, which is about helping you ensure that the risk you take is appropriate to your risk profile and the wealth goals you seek to achieve.

Portfolio Advisory Tools have been awarded with industry recognition and are designed to support our Advisors in delivering advice that is:

  • Comprehensive
  • Relevant
  • Actionable


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*SGFinDex, or the Singapore Financial Data Exchange, is a joint initiative by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG), with the support of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Source: https://www.mas.gov.sg/development/fintech/sgfindex.

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