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    Trade with ease with UOB Equity Trading Service

The markets are constantly moving, so don’t get left behind. Get an edge with UOB Equity Trading Service for a trading advantage.


Consolidate your equity holdings with UOB and trade at competitive fees.



Trade with ease

Your Senior Client Advisor will work closely with a Treasury Specialist in managing your equity portfolio. You can place your orders with competitive brokerage fees by speaking directly with a Treasury Specialist.

Access to Market

Gain access to shares listed on major stock exchanges: SGX, NYSE and NASDAQ.

Fees and ChargesĀ²

SG Market
(SGX Listed Securities)
Promotional Brokerage Fee1Exchange Fee/
SGX Access Fee
Clearing FeeForeign Fee Payable (FFP)7 on Dual Listed Philippines shares
SGD-denominated 0.18% of contract value (min. SGD 25) 0.0075% of contract value 0.0325% of contract value 0.63% of contract value (sell trades only)
USD-denominated 0.18% of contract value (min. USD 25)
HKD-denominated 0.18% of contract value (min. HKD150)
US Market (NYSE and NASDAQ)Promotional Brokerage Fee1Other Fees
USD-denominated 0.18% of contract value (min. USD 40) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)3 Fee 0.00229% of contract value (sell trades only)
French Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)4 0.3% of contract value (buy trades only)
Italian Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)5 0.1% of contract value (buy trades only)
Spain Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)6 0.2% of contract value (buy trades only)

1Promotional Brokerage Fee at 0.18% of contract value is for a limited period only, and subject to changes at the Bank’s discretion. Minimum fees apply to each transaction, subject to the respective currency denominations. Trade amalgamation and intraday trading are not available.

2Goods & Services Tax (GST) will be applied to fees and charges.

3SEC: the prevailing Securities and Exchange Commission Fee, currently at 0.00051% of contract value; applicable to sell trades only.

4French FTT: the prevailing French financial transaction tax, currently at 0.3% of contract value; applicable to acquisition of equity securities, including American Depositary Receipt (ADR) & Global Depositary Receipt (GDR), issued by designated French companies with HQ in France and market cap > 1 billion EUR.

5 Italian FTT: the prevailing Italian financial transaction tax, currently at 0.1% of contract value; applicable to acquisition of equity securities, including ADR & GDR, issued by designated Italian companies with headquarters in Italy and market cap > 500 million EUR. Exchange and Clearing Fees may be rounded up to the nearest cent for calculation. Fees and charges are subject to change without prior notice.

6Spanish FTT: the prevailing Spanish financial transaction tax, currently at 0.2% of contract value; applicable to acquisition of equity securities, including ADR, issued by designated Spanish companies listed on a regulated market in Spain or another European Union State, or on a market considered to be equivalent in a third country with market cap > 1 billion EUR.

7Foreign Fee Payable (FFP) fees are only applicable to sell trades on Philippines shares traded on SGX, with primary listing in Philippines Stock Exchange. FFP includes the Philippines Stock Transaction Tax (PH STT) (0.6% of the gross proceeds) and service fee (0.03% of the gross proceeds).

Available Exchanges

SGX in Singapore and NYSE & NASDAQ in the United States.

Note: Additional exchanges in other countries may be added subsequently. Available exchanges are subject to change.


Operation Hours

Monday - Friday (except Singapore public holidays), 9am to 6pm (Singapore time).

For trade orders in the US Market, orders placed will be queued once the relevant US exchange opens.

IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMERS: This document should not be regarded as an offer or solicitation to transact in any product mentioned. The Bank is only providing a service for the trading of equities on a strictly no advice or recommendation basis and does not and is not willing to assume any advisory, fiduciary or similar other duties or act as investment advisor to you. Before deciding to invest in any product mentioned, please seek advice from your financial, legal, tax or other appropriate advisors on the suitability of the product for you, taking into account your specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs (to which this document has no regard). If you do not wish to seek such advice, please consider carefully whether any product mentioned is suitable for you.

Risks: An investment in any product mentioned in this document may carry different risks of varying degrees, including credit, market, liquidity, legal, cross-jurisdictional, foreign exchange and other risks (including the risks of electronic trading and trading in leveraged products). Please speak to your financial, legal or other appropriate advisor to understand the risks involved and whether it is appropriate for you to assume such risks before investing in any product. This document and its contents are proprietary information of UOB (or its product providers) and may not be reproduced or disseminated.

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