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    One-stop e-banking platform for your cash and trade transactions

    UOB aims to deliver integrated and reliable services that will help reduce the complexity and demands of your daily workflow tasks. As such, we pioneered a proprietary internet banking platform that can help improve corporate-to-bank communication, and thereby enhance your efficiency, boost your overall productivity and meet your cash management needs.

UOB Infinity

What customers say about UOB Infinity

  • I can easily access my account even when I am travelling overseas
  • I no longer need to visit the branch
  • I can transact remotely, even without a laptop

About UOB Infinity

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What do I use UOB Infinity for?

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UOB Infinity is our one-stop e-banking platform that offers you intuitive and end-to-end solutions to help you manage your cash transactions more efficiently. UOB Infinity is also available on mobile so you can access your account information, make quick and urgent transfers, and approve transactions – anytime, anywhere.

  • Check account balances and transactions
  • If you have a presence in multiple countries, you will be able to login to UOB Infinity with a single User ID and token, to access your accounts in the countries where UOB Infinity is available
  • Initiate payments and collections, including transactions in bulk
  • Save a trip to the bank with the convenience of banking at your fingertips with UOB Infinity Mobile
  • Enjoy greater control over your funds with real-time visibility of account information
  • Securely initiate a comprehensive range of payments and collections in a timely manner
  • Seamlessly connect your accounting system and transact via UOB Infinity

How is UOB Infinity applicable to businesses?

Company Q has 3 subsidiaries in Singapore. The company is also expanding to Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. Using the Parent-Affiliate setup and global view, the finance team can easily manage the accounts regionally from a single location, giving them more control and visibility over the accounts.

Company R is a start-up, and the CFO is always travelling to acquire new business opportunities. This makes it challenging for the CFO to manage the finances of the company. With UOB Infinity mobile, the CFO is able to bank on-the-go, giving him access to his accounts anytime, anywhere.

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