Cloud-based HR software to simplify and automate payroll and leave management. With our host-to-host (H2H) integration, in just a few clicks, SME owners can now process and disburse salaries quickly.

Payroll and Leave management software for SMEs

Accurate and Compliant

Accurate and Compliant

Stay error-free with automatic payroll calculations including CPF, SDL, taxes (IR8A), Donation Funds (CDAC, SINDA, MBMF, ECF), and prorated salary. Export bank files and generate itemised payslips where your staff can access 24/7.

Preset Statutory Laws

Preset Statutory Laws

Founded in Singapore, our strong knowledge in local HR legislation gives our clients added assurance. Your Talenox SaaS comes with built-in statutory laws and requirements that are is constantly being up-to-date.

Integrated with Governing Bodies

Integrated with Governing Bodies

We’re partners with leading local banks, like UOB, and governing bodies. In addition, we’re integrated to selected statutory boards such as CPF and IRAS, making it real easy for you to contribute CPF, SHG, SDL and submit IR8A, Appendix 8A & 8B, IR21, IR8S.

Features to power your business

Pick a plan suitable for you

For start-ups & companies who require simple HR features
Free Plan
Unlimited number of users
Features include:

Store employee data securely and onboard employees

Calculate CPF, Self-Help Group Funds, SDL with Itemised payslips

Auto preparation of IR8A forms

One-click submission for IR8A to IRAS

Employee self-serve features

Operational - Talenox
Suite Plan
Features include:

Profile: Easily create, manage and edit employee profiles

Payroll: Guided calculations fulfilling all statutory requirements including prorated and overtime calculations, over multiple payment periods

Leave: Apply and approve leave requests, view online team leave calendar, preset leave entitlements compliant with local employment laws

5 employees

Integrated with Xero and one-click export to banks, CPF portal, and IRAS

Frequently asked questions

Who is Talenox for?

Talenox is for all SMEs. Talenox is built to help SMEs with staying compliant through automated payroll calculations, employee tax filing, leave management and integrations to banks, statutory boards, accounting and workforce management platform. This helps SMEs ease their workload and to spend as little time as possible in these areas.

Never. The functions in the FREE account are free forever and will work for an unlimited number of employees and administrators.

Talenox supports credit and debit card payments.

Nope, we feel a monthly fee is more flexible and sustainable for small- to medium-sized teams.

We have a Knowledge Centre filled with ‘How-to’ articles and guides for Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong users. In addition, you can reach out to us through the blue chat button (on the bottom right) which you’ll see the moment you log in.

UOB BizSmart is an initiative to help you digitalise your business. We have teamed up with several digital partners to optimise business management processes such as invoicing, accounting, e-commerce, and more.

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The Start Digital Pack is a joint initiative with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) to help SMEs digitalise.

Under UOB, it lets you start your digitalisation journey with curated solutions from six categories — Accounting, Human Resource, Digital Marketing, Digital Transactions, Cybersecurity, and Collaboration.

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