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    Trade Digitalisation


SGTraDex was officially launched on 1st Jun 2022. UOB aims to bring all its bunker finance clients onto the Singapore Trade Data Exchange (SGTraDex) digital platform by and is leading a consortium of banks in collaboration with SGTraDex to set the standards for the digitalisation of green trade finance.

With the data super-highway driven by SGTradex at a national level, this initiative will provide greater transparency and security in the sharing of data across multiple industries and amongst ecosystem providers.

Digitalisation is core to UOB’s transaction banking solutions. With Singapore Trade Data Exchange (SGTraDex), UOB is playing a key role in supporting our clients by connecting buyers, distributors and suppliers digitally.

SGTraDex is a digital infrastructure that facilitates the sharing of data between supply chain ecosystem partners, streamlining information flows through a common data highway by enabling data sharing in a trusted, secure and inclusive way. SGTraDex is built upon the foundation of the Emerging Stronger Taskforce Alliance for Action and formed through a collaborative effort across public and private stakeholders to resolve ecosystem level pain points through the development and adoption of use cases.