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    Register for PEPPOL and receive $200 from IMDA’s
    e-Invoicing Registration Grant.

    Terms and conditions apply.


First 50,000 qualifying businesses in Singapore that register for PEPPOL will receive $200 from IMDA's e-Invoicing Registration Grant

  • To qualify for IMDA’s grant, your business must be registered with a UEN on or before 25 March 2020, and the UEN (without suffix) is registered to a Paynow Corporate Account.
  • The first 50,000 businesses that qualify and have successfully registered onto PEPPOL on or before 31 December 2020 will receive S$200 from IMDA.
  • Qualifying businesses will receive their grant payout via PayNow Corporate, to their UEN-linked (without suffix) bank account.

For more information about IMDA’s grant, please visit imda.gov.sg/einvoice.


Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (PEPPOL) is an e-Invoicing standard that enables a standardised way of issuing and receiving E-Invoices between businesses.

The PEPPOL E-Invoicing standard is a fast-growing standard adopted by many countries. In 2019, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) launched the nationwide E-Invoicing network based on PEPPOL standards.

UOB has been working actively with IMDA to drive PEPPOL adoption across the nation. UOB is able to help and complement businesses, regardless of size, in their drive to go digital.

Benefits of PEPPOL

Get paid sooner

Get paid sooner

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Reduce cost and increase efficiency

Reduce cost and increase efficiency

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Transact internationally

Transact internationally

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  • Universal e-Invoicing standards result in faster and more efficient invoice processing, validation and payment times
  • Reduce costs associated with storing and retrieving hard-copy invoices 
  • Improve overall efficiency by avoiding error-prone manual steps (i.e. verifying payment information and rectifying errors) and reduce risk of fraud
  • Send e-invoices seamlessly to overseas partners using the same universal standards  

Benefits of UOB PEPPOL Program

Access more Trade Financing options and Cash Management Solutions with UOB

Access more Trade Financing options and Cash Management Solutions with UOB

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Get connected onto the PEPPOL network instantly

Get connected onto the PEPPOL network instantly and enhance your digital ecosystem

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Preferential sign up fees

Preferential sign up fees

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  • Enjoy preferential rates for our Trade Finance services when you participate in UOB’s PEPPOL program
  • Tap on our suite of Cash Management solutions to gain more accurate and near-real time visibility of payment cycles and more efficient cash flow management
  • UOB will assist you in onboarding your suppliers / buyers onto the PEPPOL network, enabling you to create a digital ecosystem with your stakeholders
  • UOB has existing partnership arrangements with different AP partners that can cater to the needs of your suppliers / distributors, who may have different levels of digital readiness
  • Enjoy preferential rates when you sign up for PEPPOL through UOB, with our appointed AP / solution providers

How does PEPPOL work?

Companies that wish to adopt e-invoicing must subscribe to an Access Point (AP) provider or use an existing solution provider that is PEPPOL-enabled. UOB has existing partnership arrangements with AP and solution providers that can cater to your business needs, and you can gain access to a PEPPOL AP provider through UOB. By connecting via our PEPPOL AP / solution provider, you can connect to other businesses across the entire PEPPOL network (i.e. connect once, connect all) both locally and globally. Businesses that are PEPPOL-enabled will also be able to use the PEPPOL invoice for our Cash and Financing services.


Role of UOB

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Role of AP for Seller

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Role of AP for Buyer

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  • UOB can help enhance your digital ecosystem by getting your Buyer / Seller onto the PEPPOL network
  • UOB can refer you or your Buyer / Seller to a suitable AP / solution provider depending on each business' level of digital readiness
  • UOB can facilitate your payments and/or provide financing between Buyer and Seller based on your PEPPOL invoices
  • Receive invoice information from the Seller in their preferred format and connectivity
  • Convert the received invoice information into e-invoice in PEPPOL format
  • Deliver the e-invoice to the Buyer via PEPPOL network
  • Receive the e-invoice from the PEPPOL network
  • Convert the e-invoice into the Buyer’s preferred format
  • Deliver the invoice information to the Buyer through the pre-agreed connectivity

Register for PEPPOL

Register instantly via our eForm.


PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is an international E-Document delivery network allowing enterprises to transact with other linked companies.

In Jan 2019, IMDA launched Nationwide E-Invoicing Network based on PEPPOL standard.  Clients who sign up for the PEPPOL network will be able to transact with overseas companies that are already on the PEPPOL network. PEPPOL is in use in 28 countries in Europe, as well as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and USA, and there are PEPPOL Authorities placed in 13 countries.

In a common business scenario today, an invoice is either a hard copy document or a PDF file sent to the recipient organisation either by the postal service or by email. This is a single-sided operation requiring your recipient to re-enter the details of the invoice into their own accounting system (as accounts payable). A more complete and secure solution would involve the transmission of data from the supplier’s system to the buyer’s system without human intervention. With PEPPOL invoices, there will be a reduction in paper work and errors / discrepencies as PEPPOL standardises the invoicing format between buyers and sellers.

Studies have shown that E-Invoicing improves the time required for payment of invoices from 45% to 92%, saving time and money.

Additionally, it reduces duplicated effort, usually of finance teams, who have to key in information, print out the same information on PDF or paper before sending it across to the recipient via email or snail mail.

E-Invoicing also minimises most transcription errors – known to excessively delay processing and costing as much as $72 to rectify a single invoice.

Lastly, it is also more eco-friendly and helps use less paper.

A business that wishes to adopt PEPPOL E-Invoicing must first subscribe to an Access Point (AP) or Solution Provider. They can then send their E-Invoices to their AP or via their Solution Provider who delivers the E-Invoices on their behalf to APs that serve the receiving parties. The exchange of E-Invoices between the APs are done in a standard PEPPOL format. Each business needs to connect to only one AP, and through that they are connected to all parties in the network.

UOB has existing partnership arrangements with different AP partners to suit your business' digital readiness. UOB will refer you to an appropriate AP partner that can meet your business needs. You will also get to enjoy preferential rates if you choose to adopt UOB's PEPPOL AP provider. 

You may contact your RM for guidance on the sign-up process.

You may also use the eForm on uob.com.sg/peppol to register your interest and our partnered AP providers will reach out to you on the on-boarding process.