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    Streamline your payroll management


UOB Payroll Service enables you to make payments to your employees in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner.

  • You can create your bulk payroll using an online template available on UOB Infinity. Alternatively, you may create a payroll file using an offline UOB software or your own payroll system software for uploading onto UOB Infinity.
  • Once the payroll file is created or uploaded, the authorised signatory simply approves on UOB Infinity.
  • The full amount will be credited into your employees’ accounts within 1-2 business days.


Timely payments

Timely payments

Keep your employees happy by paying them on time



Restrict payroll access rights to authorised personnel only

Save time

Save time

Speed up approval process to ensure faster turn-around times with batch authorisations


Reduce operational costs

Eliminate time and costs involved with cash and cheque payments

Confidential report

Confidential report

The payment will be reflected on your bank statement as a confidential, lump-sum amount

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