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    Manage your RMB cash flow efficiently


At UOB, we have the expertise, knowledge and products to help you tap the benefits presented by the continued internationalisation of Renminbi (RMB) and the liberalisation of China's RMB Cross Border Trade Settlement Scheme.

Important Notice: With effect from 1 October 2021, the account fees for Chinese Renminbi will be revised. Click here for more information.


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To your Trade partner

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  • Agreement to settle in RMB may help you to get more China related business as your trade partner may prefer to settle trade in RMB
  • Manage your RMB foreign exchange risk in a single account
  • Holding RMB in your account for future trade settlements to provide natural hedge
  • Settling trade in RMB reduces the foreign exchange risk and therefore reducing the ancillary cost of foreign exchange conversion and related hedging instruments.
  • Provide natural hedge for both the imports and exports settled in RMB.



RMB Current Account

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RMB denominated Trade Transactions

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  • For the purpose of facilitating eligible trade transactions between you and your eligible trade partner.
  • Low initial deposit and minimum balance requirement for UOB RMB Account.

Note: For Foreign Incorporated Companies, Account Setup Fee of minimum S$500 applies.

  • Issue Letters of Credit - Settlement will only be carried out after receipt of compliant documents
  • Advise Letters of Credit
  • Negotiate Letters of Credit
  • Transferable Letters of Credit
  • Export Documentary Collections
  • Import Documentary Collections
  • Banker’s Guarantee
  • Provide customers with FX rates for settlement of trade transactions

Trade Related Payments

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  • Send and receive trade related payments (MT103) in RMB
  • Provide customers with FX rates for settlement of trade related payments
  • Competitive buying and selling rates for RMB (value spot)
  • No forwards

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