Global Currency Account

  • global currency accountglobal currency account

    Manage your day-to-day cash flow in foreign currencies


An everyday account for your multi-currency business needs.

Important Notice:

With effect from 1 October 2022, the interest charge will be applicable to Swiss Franc (CHF) and Japanese Yen (JPY) accounts only. The interest charge to Euro (EUR) accounts will be removed. Check here for details” (using the attachment below).


Available in major foreign currencies

Available in major foreign currencies

Available currencies include US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Sterling Pound, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar and Chinese Renminbi (offshore).

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Earn daily interest

Daily interest on your account balance is applicable for selected currencies.

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Account Management Tools

Tools to help you manage your account with ease

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Free Cheque Books

Free Cheque Books

Free cheque books that are automatically replenished.

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  • Minimum initial deposit is required.
  • A monthly fall-below fee is applicable if the average daily balance falls below the minimum required:
    Currency Initial Deposit Minimum Average Daily Balance Monthly Fall-below Fee Monthly Service Fee Account Closure Fee
    USD USD 1,000 USD 8,000 USD 28 - S$50 or equivalent (for closure within 6 months of account opening)
    GBP GBP 650 GBP 5,000 GBP 18 -
    EUR EUR 900 - - EUR 20
    AUD AUD 1,700 AUD 9,000 AUD 32 -
    CAD CAD 1,700 CAD 8,000 CAD 28 -
    NZD NZD 2,000 NZD 9,000 NZD 32 -
    HKD HKD 7,800 HKD 60,000 HKD 200 -
    CNH CNH 50,000 CNH 50,000 CNH 150 -
    JPY JPY 150,000 - - JPY 2,600
    CHF CHF 1,500 - - CHF 20
  • With effect from 1 November 2016, an interest charge will be applicable to Swiss Franc (CHF), Euro (EUR) and Japanese Yen (JPY) accounts, in addition to the monthly service fee. Please see the Interest Charge table below for more details.


    Interest Charge* on CHF, and JPY:

    Currency Interest Charge Per Annum (p.a.)
    CHF 1.00%
    JPY 0.10%
    *Interest Charge will be applied on all balances in the account and calculated on a daily basis, and is subject to periodic revision based on market conditions.


    Interest Charge Illustration#

    Charge on an account with average daily balance of JPY 50 million for the month of November:

    Interest Charge per Month JPY 4,166.66
    (JPY 50 million x 0.10% / 360 x 30)
    #360 days per annum interest calculation also applies to JPY and CHF

    Note: For Foreign Incorporated Companies, Account Setup Fee of minimum S$500 applies.

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