UOB Notional Pool

  • Notional PoolNotional Pool

    Notionally offsetting your cash balances to reduce borrowing costs


With UOB Notional Pool service, you can reduce or even eliminate your working capital borrowing costs without physically moving your funds.


Optimise the use of funds

Optimise the Use of Funds

Notionally offset credit balances and overdraft borrowings across your corporate group to minimise any overdraft expenses and increase your potential interest income


No Commingling of funds

Reduce or eliminate intercompany lending and any associated withholding tax implications, allowing pool participants to maintain full control and autonomy of their accounts


Comprehensive reporting

Detailed reporting of pool interest calculations and associated account benefits

How It Works

  • Debit and credit balances across your participating accounts are notionally offset;
  • By notionally using your own credit balances to offset your overdrafts, UOB is able to reduce or even eliminate your overdraft costs via a Pool Benefit.

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