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UOB eAlerts! is an email/SMS alert service that informs you of your account balances and alerts you of specific account and trade finance activities, to help you better manage your accounts.

  • Monitor cash flow and trade transactions on-the-go
  • Flexibility to customise your alerts*
  • Choice of 2 convenient modes of notifications – email and/or SMS alerts
  • Manage your cash flow better with real-time notifications*
  • Manage your trade transactions more efficiently with notifications on the status of your trade transaction at every stage
  • Waiver of monthly subscription for all Trade alerts and Cash email alerts^
  • Supports both local and overseas mobile numbers

* Available for selected account related activities.
^ Charges apply for Cash SMS alert.

Type of Alerts


Cash Alerts

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Trade Alerts

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  • Account Balance - Choice of receiving notifications regarding your account balance up to four times a day, so that you are aware of your available funds for disbursements and investments.
  • Account Balance Below/Above Threshold - Receive real-time alert when your account balance goes below/above the threshold. This enables you to make timely decisions to manage your account and disbursements so that you will always have sufficient funds in your account.
  • Incoming Funds - Receive real-time notifications of incoming funds to your account exceeding the threshold amount. This saves you time and effort in monitoring incoming funds.
  • Debit Notification – Real-time notifications of any debits from your account exceeding the debit threshold amount. This helps you to manage your cash outflows with greater certainty.
  • Return of Cheques Deposited - Receive notifications for Singapore dollar (SGD) and US dollar (USD) cheques1 deposited into your account, so you can follow up with the issuer of the cheques.
  • SWIFT gpi alert - Receive notifications when your Telegraphic Transfer is successfully credited into your beneficiary’s account.

1 Only for SGD and USD cheques cleared through Singapore Automated Clearing House.

  • Import Letter of Credit (LC) - Receive notifications when your LCs are issued, amended or cancelled.
  • Inward Bills (Letter of Credit & non-Letter of Credit) - Receive notifications on your bill arrival, payment reminders and bill settlements.
  • Outward Bills Collection - Receive notifications for unaccepted/unpaid bills and when your disposal instruction has been processed.
  • Letter of Credit Advice - Receive notifications when we advise you on the Letter of Credit.
  • Export Document Handling (Letter of Credit & non-Letter of Credit) - Receive notifications on documents sent, bill maturity and bill settlements.
  • Export Proceeds (Letter of Credit & Non-Letter of Credit) - Receive notifications when Export Proceeds are credited.
  • Import/Export Trade Financing - Receive notifications on your trade financing approval, payment reminders, repricing and bill settlements.
  • Account Receivables (AR) - Receive notifications on your AR purchase application approval, payment reminders and bill settlements.
  • Shipping Guarantee (SG) - Receive notifications when your SG has been issued or when your SG has not been returned to the Bank.
  • Bankers Guarantee (BG)/Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) - Receive notification when your BG/SBLC has been issued or when a BG claim is received.

Requirements/ Fees

To apply for Cash alerts, you will require a corporate Current Account in any currency offered by UOB in Singapore.

Monthly Subscription Charges


Alert Service Cash Alerts
(Per Account)
Trade Alerts
For Each Mobile Number S$8 per month (without SWIFT gpi alert)
S$12 per month (with SWIFT gpi alert)
For Each Email Address Waived Waived


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