UOB PayNow Corporate


PayNow Corporate is an enhanced funds transfer service that will change the way you send and receive payments to/from your customers and business partners.

By linking your SGD Corporate Account to your Unique Entity Number (UEN), you can receive monies almost instantly when your sender makes a payment to the UEN, or scans your Quick Response (QR) code. You will not need to provide your bank and bank account number for transactions.



Funds transfers are secure and hassle-free as there is no need for you to share your business details or bank account number.


Receive payments from your customers or business partners directly into your SGD Corporate Account. Simply provide your UEN or QR code to your customers for them to make payments to you.


Make payments easily to both individuals and businesses with just their mobile number/NRIC/UEN.

Uses for PayNow Corporate

How is PayNow Corporate applicable to businesses?

Making Payments

Company A is an events company that regularly employs temporary staff for events that they organise. Since the workers are employed on a one-off basis, the company frequently pays its workers via cash or cheque. Using PayNow Corporate, the company can make payments to the workers with their registered mobile numbers or NRIC, without having to go through the hassle of collecting their bank account details. This helps the company reduce the costs associated with handling cash and cheques.

Company B is an online shop that sells apparel. As they allow for customers to return the purchases within a week, they have to process refunds to customer regularly. With PayNow Corporate, they can refund the monies directly to their customers’ registered mobile number, hence shortening the refund process and providing a better customer experience.

Receiving Payments

Company C is a small retail shop selling IT gadgets. They receive cash payments frequently. With PayNow Corporate, the company is able to display their UEN or QR code at the cash register. Customers can easily pay for their purchases by keying in the UEN or scanning the QR code, and the company can receive the payments into their account immediately.

Company D provides utilities services to their customers, and sends their bills to them monthly. While the company offers various modes of electronic payments, many of their customers still pay them using cheques. With PayNow Corporate, the company can include a QR code on their monthly bills so that their customer can make payment simply by scanning the QR code.

Getting Started

Receive Payments

Receive Payments

Step 1
Register your UEN and the UOB SGD Corporate Account that you wish for payments to be made to.


Step 2
Indicate your UEN on bills/invoices or display your QR code at point-of-sale. Click here to generate a QR code linked to your UEN.


Step 3
Receive notifications of inward paymentsvia email or SMS when you sign up for UOB eAlerts!


Make Payments

Step 1
Ensure that you have the PayNow ID (i.e. mobile number/NRIC/FIN/UEN) of your payee and that your payees are registered for PayNow.


Step 2
Use BIBPlus or BIBPlus Mobile to make payments to vendors or staff registered with PayNow e.g. insurance claims or ad-hoc wages^.


^PayNow Corporate will be available to all existing BIBPlus customers except customers on BIBPlus Enquiry package.

Promotional Offers

Promotional Offers*

Incoming PayNow Corporate transactions

Customers will enjoy fee waivers on all incoming PayNow Corporate transactions to their UOB SGD Corporate Account from now till 31 December 2021. Terms & conditions apply.

Outgoing PayNow Corporate transactions

Customers will enjoy a promotional pricing of S$0.50 per transaction, when they make outgoing payments with UOB PayNow via FAST, from now till 30 June 2020. Terms & conditions apply.

Click here for Standard Pricing Guide.

Register for PayNow Corporate

Register instantly via BIBPlus

Register Now

Submit a manual form at our branches

Register Now

To register, please fill in the application form and submit it at any UOB Branch.


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