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    PayNow is now on SGQR


Important Notice:
With effect from 1st Jan 2024, we will be updating clauses 2.9(f), 3.6, 6.3(j), 6.5 of the PayNow Terms and Conditions (Non-Individuals). Please refer to the revised PayNow Terms and Conditions (Non-Individuals).

PayNow Corporate is an enhanced funds transfer service that will change the way you send and receive payments to/from your customers and business partners.

By linking your SGD Corporate Account to your Unique Entity Number (UEN), you can receive monies almost instantly when your sender makes a payment to the UEN, or scans your Quick Response (QR) code.

PayNow has been incorporated into SGQR (Singapore Quick Response Code), Singapore's unified QR label.



Funds transfers are secure and hassle-free as there is no need for you to share your business details or bank account number.


Receive payments from your customers or business partners directly into your SGD Corporate Account. Simply provide your UEN or SGQR code to your customers for them to make payments to you.


Make payments easily to both individuals and businesses with just their mobile number/NRIC/UEN/Virtual Payment Address.

Uses for PayNow Corporate

How is PayNow Corporate applicable to businesses?

Make payments to individuals via mobile number/NRIC/Virtual Payment Address and to corporates via UEN


  1. Obtain your beneficiary’s PayNow ID, i.e. mobile number/NRIC/Virtual Payment Address for individuals or UEN+suffix (if applicable) for corporates.
  2. Initiate PayNow transfer singly or in bulk through UOB Infinity or other UOB electronic delivery channels.
  3. View your transactions on UOB Infinity.

Use cases

  • Government payout to individuals
  • Companies to make ad-hoc payments for refund, claims and payroll
  • Business-to-business payments

Receive from corporates and individuals with your UEN or QR code without having to disclose your bank account details to the paying party


  1. Register for PayNow by linking your Unique Entity Number (UEN) to your UOB account via UOB Infinity.
  2. Publish your PayNow ID/QR code to receive payments into your UOB account.
  3. Get instant notification with UOB eAlerts! or API credit notification. View your transactions on UOB Infinity.

Use cases

  • Display SGQR for your storefront point-of-sale collections
  • Print a unique QR code on your bills/invoices for your customers to scan and pay
  • Generate dynamic QR code for online/e-commerce payments

PayNow Solution



Combine multiple QR codes in a single SGQR label, making QR payments simple for both consumers and merchants.

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Incoming PayNow Corporate transactions

Customers will enjoy fee waivers on all incoming PayNow Corporate transactions to their UOB SGD Corporate Account from now till 31 December 2025. Terms & conditions apply.

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