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We are a key player in the Asia-Pacific region where we work closely with clients to develop and implement tailored debt solutions for fund-raising in various situations. Our product capabilities include fixed income comprising local and regional currency bonds including SGD, MYR, THB and HKD, syndicated loans and securitisation. We have a strong team of professionals across the region working closely with our coverage bankers to originate, structure, underwrite and syndicate the debt products.

Fixed Income

The fixed income market provides an avenue for corporate clients to diversify their funding sources. Besides according speed and flexibility in meeting financing and refinancing requirements, tapping the bond market also allows issuers to conserve bank lines for other purposes. In this way, the bond market serves as a complementary and diversified funding source to the bank market.

The services we provide include advising on the optimum capital structure, credit rating process, fund-raising structure, and underwriting and placement of fund-raising instruments including Bonds, Commercial Papers (CP) / Medium Term Notes (MTN) and etc.

Syndicated Loans

As one of the market leaders in arranging and underwriting syndicated loan transactions, our Debt Capital Markets team provides structured and customised financing solutions to meet each client’s unique and specific business requirements for a wide range of loan purposes. This ranges from corporate style-financing, working capital requirements and debt refinancing to more complex transactions related to acquisitions and privatisations.

We work with our corporate and institutional clients across a wide range of industries including real estate, financial institutions, agriculture, commodities, industrials, telecom, media, technology, oil and gas, infrastructure and transportation. Through the use of syndicated financing, our clients have been able to expand their network of banking relationships, positioning them to better capitalise on growth opportunities.

Our market-leading position may be attributed to the following key success factors underpinning our overall loans strategy:

  • Strong Client Relationships: UOB has strong client and institutional relationships across its diverse client franchise with traction at various levels
  • Balance Sheet: UOB is committed to providing underwriting and anchor commitments in well-structured syndicated loan transactions
  • Connectivity & Platform Maximization: UOB has presence in most of the key markets that our clients are located and our strong team of professionals work closely across the region to provide debt solutions
  • In-depth Market & Structuring Knowledge: UOB has in-depth market knowledge and structuring know-how given the wealth of in-house experience and with up-to-date awareness of market trends and investor appetite


Our Securitisation team specialises in arranging innovative structures against cash-generating assets into capital markets securities. Securitisation provides an alternative capital market funding platform, reliant on the strength of assets backing the securities instead of corporate credit. Securitisation also enables corporates and financial institutions to relieve and recycle their balance sheet capital while at the same time, enables investors investment access to unique and secured asset classes that are typically not accessible.

Examples of securitised asset classes include: Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS), Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS), Collateralised Debt / Loan Obligations (CDO/CLO), Credit Card Receivables, Auto Loan Receivables or other various Asset Backed Securities (ABS).


Asian Banking & Finance (ABF)

ABF Corporate & Investment Banking Awards 2019

  • Debt Deal of the Year, Singapore
     –  Land Transport Authority of Singapore SGD1.5 billion 40-year fixed rate notes
  • Syndicated Loan of the Year, Singapore
     –  HKD14.8 billion acquisition financing of a real estate portfolio (17 Shopping Centers) in Hong Kong for a consortium led by Gaw Capital Partners

ABF Corporate & Investment Banking Awards 2018

  • Debt Deal of the Year, Singapore
     –  Singapore Airlines S$700 million 8-year notes



Achievement Awards 2018

  • Best Local Currency Bond
     –  Temasek Holdings S$500 million 2.7% institutional and retail bond


IFR Asia

IFR Asia Awards 2018

  • Singapore Capital Markets Deal
     –  Temasek Holdings S$500 million retail bond


The Asset

Triple A Country Awards 2019

  • Best Deal Awards (Southeast Asia – Singapore)
     –  Best Bank Capital Bond: United Overseas Bank S$750 million Basel III additional tier 1 notes
     –  Best Retail Bond: Temasek Holdings S$500 million notes
     –  Best Sustainability-Linked Loan: Louis Dreyfus Company Asia US$650 million sustainability-linked syndicated revolving credit facility
     –  Best Syndicated Loan: Marina Bay Sands S$8.671 billion senior secured credit facilities

  • Best Deal Awards (North Asia – Hong Kong)
     –  Best Hong Kong Acquisition Finance: Sale of 12 shopping centers from Link REITs to a PE consortium
     –  Best Hong Kong Bank Capital Bond: Bank of East Asia US$650 million perpetual Basel III additional tier 1 securities


Triple A Country Awards 2018

  • Best Syndicated Loan, Indonesia
     –  Export-Import Bank of Indonesia US$1.15 billion term loan facilities
  • Best Local Currency Bond, Malaysia
     –  Mercedes Benz Services Malaysia RM250 million fixed rate notes
  • Best Local Currency Bond, Singapore
     –  Land Transport Authority S$1.5 billion 40-year fixed rate notes
  • Best FIG (Financial Institution Group) Bond, Singapore
     –  UOB £350 million covered bond
  • Best M&A, Malaysia
     –  CVC Capital Partners Asia Fund IV acquisition of 100% stake of Munchy Food Industries (1 of the 3 mandated lead arrangers and financiers)

Triple A Regional Awards 2018

  • Best Deals - Fixed Income
     –  Best Local Currency Bond : Temasek Holdings S$500 million placement and public offer tranches
  • Best Deals - M&A / Structured Finance
     –  Best Syndicated Loan : Reliance Industries US$2.653 billion term loan facilities
  • Best Deals – Sustainable Finance
     –  Best Green Bond - Real Estate : New World China Land US$310 million senior notes

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