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    Expanding your Business in Asia


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As the world's fastest growing economic region, Asia provides exciting and lucrative opportunities for companies looking to diversify and grow through foreign direct investments. Key to this incredible and vast potential for growth is the region's favourable demographic trends coupled with a vibrant economic diversity. With major countries in Asia showing sustained GDP growth, all signs point towards the region as being a driving force in global growth by 2020.

Fast Facts: Opportunities in Southeast Asia

  • 622.25 million people
  • Total trade of about US$2.53 trillion
  • Combined GDP of US$2.57 trillion
  • Average growth of more than 5% p.a. within last decade

Sources: Doing Business in ASEAN 2016; ASEANstats


Sources: International Monetary Fund; UOB Economic-Treasury Research Estimate (as of Oct 2016)


Singapore - Your Springboard to Asia

Ease of Doing Business Rank
New Zealand 1
Singapore 2
Denmark 3
Hong Kong SAR, China 4
Korea. Rep 5

Source: Doing Business 2017, World Bank

Global Competitive Edge Rank
Switzerland 1
Singapore 2
United States 3
Netherlands 4
Germany 5

Source: The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017, WEF

Best Business Environment in the World Rank
Singapore 1
Switzerland 2
Hong Kong 3
Canada 4
Australia 5


Source: Business Environment Rankings (BER), The Economist Intelligence Unit

Trade Logistics Rank
Germany 1
Luxembourg 2
Sweden 3
Netherlands 4
Singapore 5


Source: Logistics Performance Index (LPI), World Bank 2016

Global Innovation Rank
Switzerland 1
Sweden 2
United Kingdom 3
United States of America 4
Finland 5
Singapore 6


Source: The Global Innovation Index Report 2016, WIPO

Intellectual Property Protection Rank
Switzerland 1
Finland 2
Luxembourg 3
Singapore 4
Netherlands 5


Source: The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017, WEF

Corruption Ranking Rank
Denmark 1
Finland 2
Sweden 3
New Zealand 4
Netherlands 5
Norway 6
Switzerland 7
Singapore 8
Canada 9
Germany 10


Source: Corruption Perceptions Index 2015, Transpaerncy International

Transparency Rank
Singapore 1
New Zealand 2
Switzerland 3
Hong Kong SAR 4
Luxemberg 5


Source: The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017, WEF