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About Us

The rapidly evolving global futures markets provide increasing opportunities for investors. UOB Group Commodities, Brokerage and Clearing gives you trading access into a wide range of financial instruments, including commodities, major currencies, Exchange Traded Deriavatives and precious metals.

For detailed discussions on account opening, please contact our Relationship Managers at +65 6709 8806 or email to UOBBF.info@uobgroup.com.

To be a Premier Clearing Broker in Asia Pacific providing access to global markets.

The Financial Edge

We are one of Asia's leading banks, rated Aa1 by Moody's and AA- by Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings. Our comprehensive network allows us to offer a complete suite of customized financial solutions to meet diverse trading needs.


The People Edge

Our dedicated team of bilingual professionals provides round-the-clock execution services with no call-routing. Our institutional, commodities and FX desks provide specialized trading services  that will suit your trading needs.


The Versatility Edge

We are a brokerage offering a full suite of products: Futures, FX, physical gold, fixed income, interest rates, OTC and exchange-traded derivatives. We also provide multi-asset integrated and consolidated trading and reporting, multi-currency statements, worldwide trade execution services.


The Technological Edge

Clients may choose to trade electronically using a range of supported Order Management Systems (OMS). We provide fast, stable and low latency connectivity through leased lines to international exchanges. In addition, our dedicated team of information Communication Technology (ICT) professionals is able to provide 24-hour IT support for all trading activities.

Our extensive networks reach beyond the region, into global venues, providing customers comprehensive international coverage to allow customers to capitalize on opportunities that may arise from any part of the world.

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