Long Term FX Forward

  • long term fx forwardlong term fx forward

    Manage your Foreign Exchange risks against currency fluctuations

Features & Benefits

With Long Term FX Forwards, corporates are spoilt for choice when looking for ways to hedge their foreign exchange exposures.

  • Simple and straight forward hedging
  • A defensive and conservative strategy for hedger who wish to ‘lock-in’ their cash flow requirements
  • Enjoy the ability to hedge your foreign exchange exposures
  • Allows businesses to contract buy or sell foreign exchange at an agreed-upon rate/price determined today for delivery/settlement on an agreed future date
  • A FX forward rate normally exceeds one year

Apply Now

  • To apply, all corporations have to set up a FX Line with the Bank. The FX line states the maximum amount and tenure that you may contract at any one time.

  • If your business currently has credit facilities (e.g. Letter of Credit, Trust Receipts or Overdraft line) with the Bank, you can arrange with your banker to restructure the credit line to accommodate the additional FX facility by earmarking a portion of the existing facilities.

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