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UOB Mezzanine Capital is the principal alternative capital provider arm of UOB. We specialise in providing capital beyond that of a normal commercial bank loan to support your corporation in realising your strategic and/or financial objectives. Our team has in-depth understanding of Asian markets and their regulatory environments. We also possess extensive contacts to provide value beyond financing. Your corporation will be able to leverage the extensive network and resources of the UOB Group to support your corporation's strategic plans. We have the capacity to provide solutions in local currencies and/or US dollar in most jurisdictions in Asia, including China.

Business areas that UOB Mezzanine Capital can assist in:

Provide your corporation with long-term capital to finance your capital expenditure and/or working capital needs. This allows your corporation to capture business opportunities and optimise your growth.

Support M&A activities domestically and/or overseas. In addition, with UOB Group's extensive resources in Asia, we can provide support in target identification, intelligence gathering, analysis and negotiation processes.

Assist your corporation in terming out short-term debt repayment to match your corporation's cash-flow profile. This allows your corporation to continue in optimising your growth without being hampered by short-term liquidity constraints.

Fund the equity injection, capital call or restructuring of your corporation.

Provide customised financing collateralised by listed shares for your corporation and/or shareholders.

Provide incremental financing to privatise listed companies so as to capture full value for shareholders.

Support sponsors with additional capital to bid for opportunities.

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To find out more about how we can meet your financing needs, please contact:

Mr. Han Kuan Yuan

Executive Director

Tel: +65 6598 3351
+65 9827 0143