Debt Capital Market Products

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    Raise capital with customised instruments

UOB has a solid track record in underwriting and managing a wide spectrum of debt instruments which can be used for both medium and long-term financing purposes. Below is a brief overview of what we offer. Talk to us and find out how we can tailor some of the schemes to better fit your requirements.

A credit facility arranged and provided by a syndication of banks and financial institutions with a common set of documentation, collaterals and pari-passu ranking among the lenders. This facility is extended largely to publicly-listed and private corporations with good credit standing, while lenders are banks and financial institutions.


  • Increases borrowing capacity
  • Reduces dependency on a few lenders
  • Allows sharing of collaterals
  • No credit rating, registration or listing requirements
  • Low arrangement cost

These are medium to long-term debt obligations with periodic interest coupon. The issuers are largely governmental and quasi government entities, and publicly-listed and non-listed corporations. Investors are normally financial institutions, trust fund managers, insurance companies, other corporations and individuals.


  • Provides long term fixed rate funding
  • Increases issuers' public profile
  • Allows for more creative structuring
  • Appeals to a larger (debt) investor base
  • Tax incentive for investors
  • Existence of a secondary trading market

These instruments are medium to long-term debt obligations issued with coupon interest rate pegged to floating/variable interest rates. The issuers are usually publicly-listed and private corporations with good credit standing, while investors are largely banks and financial institutions.


  • Reduces funding margin
  • Diversify funding sources
  • Tradeable

The issuers of notes and bonds issue programmes are largely government and quasi government bodies, and corporations. Investors in these instruments are usually banks, fund managers, insurance companies and other corporations.


  • Allows serial issuance flexibility according to needs
  • Lower cost of arrangement
  • Each issue of notes can be effected quickly, efficiently and at minimal cost
  • Standard terms and conditions for all capital market issuances by the issuer

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