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UOB Virtual Payment Solutions

Grow your business with automation in the new digital era

Enhance your business processes and productivity with UOB Virtual Payment Solutions, a suite of diverse solutions that caters to different business needs. Whether it’s to digitise your procure-to-pay workflow or set up customised payment controls in accordance with your company’s policy, there will be a solution that UOB can help you with. Uncover what each UOB Virtual Payment solution has to offer and reap the benefits for your business today.
Customised Digital Solutions


Streamline and automate B2B payments or collections
Improved Cash Flow

Virtual Payment Control

Optimise efficiency and mitigate risk with customised payment controls
Increase Efficiency

Commercial Mobile Pay

On-demand virtual card issuance
Greater Financial Control

Travel Payment Service

Centralise payments for travel bookings with a single funding source

Positive reviews from customers who have adopted the UOB Virtual Payment Solutions

In a single flow, having the ability to handle invoice matching is an extremely critical part of the Procure-to-Pay solution itself. That has helped us ensure invoices are matched in a shorter period. Thus improving our productivity. UOB Virtual Payment solutions give us the extra, up to 60 days payment terms, which eases our cash flow. This is a win-win solution for both.

Managing Director
The Soup Spoon
We were concerned about security when using our corporate cards for online purchases. With UOB Virtual Payment Control, we can use a 16-digit virtual card number that is different from our corporate card number, and that fits our needs.

Operations & Training Manager
Heron Technology Pte Ltd
UOB Virtual Payment Control enables us to have an approval matrix in accordance to our requirements. In addition, we are also able to restrict spend to certain MCC categories such as air tickets, hotel, insurance and government payments.

Finance Manager
Vanguard International Pte Ltd

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