UOB Central Travel Account UOB Central Travel Account

UOB Central Travel Account

A consolidated travel solution to manage travel expenses with ease

Monitor and control your travel expenses with the UOB Central Travel Account.
Gain visibility of all travel expenses with ease.
Business Enhancement

Business Enhancement

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Efficiencies & Control

Efficiencies & Control

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Corporate Liability Waiver Insurance
Protect your company against unauthorised employee card expenditure, up to US$1,650,000 per company* per annum (or US$25,000 per card user per annum).

Complimentary Travel Insurance
Up to S$1,000,000 for Travel & Personal Accident and other travel inconveniences.

Multi-Currency Central Travel Account
UOB issues multi-currency Central Travel Accounts (USD and HKD) to support your specific business requirements.

* The company needs to have two (2) or more Cards in good standing on or after establishing a Card account with the Bank or as otherwise agreed.
Greater Financial Control
Monitor, analyse and control your company's air travel and lodging expenses more easily, and enable more effective negotiations with suppliers.

Card Control and Security
Pre-determine the credit limit for each account or set the monthly or daily transaction limit for each account according to your company’s travel policy.

Customised Spending
Arrange additional data into customised categories to allow your company to track expenditure more efficiently according to divisions, cost centres, departments and more.

Spending Visibility
Get online access to detailed information on card users' expenditure and spending patterns.

How to apply

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