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    Wide choices of hedging solutions at competitive rates


UOB offers you various foreign exchange services to meet your hedging needs and funding requirements such as payment / receipt of trade bills, remittances, fund transfers and loans.


FX Spot / Forward

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FX Time Option Forward

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FX spot contract is a deal in which you and the Bank agree to exchange agreed-upon amounts of two different currencies at an agreed exchange rate for settlement in 2 business days.

Spot rates can be adjusted to provide for currency exchange taking place today or tomorrow. These transactions are known as "Value Today" or "Value Tomorrow".

Spot rates can also be adjusted for currency exchange taking place at an agreed future date beyond 2 business days, such as 3 months later. These transactions are known as FX forward transactions.

FX time option contract, also known as flexible forward, allows currency exchange to take place any time up to the maturity date of the FX time option. It gives you the flexibility in having the date for currency exchange while locking in an agreed exchange rate.

FX swap contract is a pair of currency exchange transactions, one for purchase and one for sale, for two different value dates, one of which is spot.

We also offer a variety of hedging instruments/products such as Asian Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF), FX OptionCross Currency Swap and Par Forward (FX) to better manage your foreign exchange exposures


  • Enjoy competitive rates for a wide range of foreign currencies and the ability to hedge your foreign exchange exposures
  • You can secure/book FX rates in advance from a choice of more than 20 currencies (including major currencies) against Singapore Dollar and US Dollar
  • Corporates with less exposures can enjoy hedging benefits with a smaller contract size
  • Secure "live" foreign exchange rates online with UOB eFX service via Business Internet Banking and enjoy real-time foreign exchange services




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To apply, all corporations have to set up an FX Line with the Bank. The FX line states the maximum amount and tenor that you may contract at any one time.


If your business currently has credit facilities (e.g. Letter of Credit, Trust Receipts or Overdraft line) with the Bank, you can arrange with your banker to restructure the credit line to accommodate the additional FX facility by earmarking a portion of the existing facilities.

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