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Why UOB?

With a deep regional footprint, in-depth knowledge of local regulations, and wide-range of products and services, UOB can effectively help you manage risks and meet your foreign exchange needs.

Unrivalled presence in Southeast Asia

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Comprehensive range of products and services

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Deep understanding of local market and regulations

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Our established regional network allows us to open doors and manage risks for you by providing integrated products and regulatory advice.

More than 30 currencies available, including G10 and EM currency pairs, to meet your hedging, cost reduction or yield enhancement needs.

Tap on our knowledge of the local market and regulations to support you in your cross-border trade or expansion.


To support your hedging needs and funding requirements such as payment / receipt of trade bills, remittances, fund transfers and loans, UOB offers various foreign exchange services that align with your risk management strategy and cost-benefit considerations.

Appointed Cross-Currency Dealers (ACCDs)

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FX Spot / Forward

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Our China and Indonesia offices are the ACCDs for Chinese Yuan/Indonesian Rupiah (CNY/IDR). This gives you direct access to onshore CNY/IDR FX rates and provides liquidity when hedging your trade transactions and investments.

Our FX spot rates allow you to exchange currencies at an agreed rate in 2 business days.

Alternatively, forward transactions enable you to use pre-agreed forward rates for currency exchange taking place on an agreed future date beyond 2 business days.


FX Time Option Forward

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This service gives you the flexibility for currency exchange to take place within an agreed time period at the pre-agreed forward rate.

An FX swap contract allows for a pair of currency exchange transactions to simultaneously take place, one for purchase and one for sale, at two different pre-agreed rates and dates.

Other hedging instruments and products to manage your foreign exchange exposures



Competitive rates for more than 30 currencies Enjoy competitive rates for a wide range of foreign currencies and the ability to hedge your foreign exchange exposures. Corporates with less exposures can also enjoy hedging benefits with a smaller contract size.
Advance booking or securing of FX rates Book or secure FX rates in advance from a choice of more than 30 currencies, including G10 and EM currencies.
Secure ‘live’ FX rates and real-time services Secure "live" foreign exchange rates online with UOB eFX service and benefit from real-time foreign exchange services


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