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As a leading player in the SME market, our core strength lies in our ability to combine our knowledge and experience in the SME market with innovative financial solutions to meet our customers’ changing needs. As you strive to accelerate your international trade business , we can provide the comprehensive trade solutions you need to mitigate risks of dealing with less familiar counterparties , financial institutions or higher risk countries .

To an importer or exporter, the risks and complexity of international trade can be overwhelming. UOB offers you a comprehensive trade solutions to manage your trade transactions efficiently and reduce inherent risks of international trade - allowing you to focus on growing your business.


  •  Bridge cash flow gap between settlement with supplier and payment from buyer
  • Customized solution to suit your specific trading cycle
  • Take possession of your goods to avoid demurrage costs due to delays in the arrival of import documents
  • Enjoy direct links with worldwide trading parties through the UOB’s excessive network of regional office and worldwide correspondent relationships

Types of Import services

  • Import letter of credit
  • Trust receipt
  • Import Documentary Collection
  • Shipping Guarantee


All businesses incorporated in Singapore are eligible to apply.

  • Convert your trade receivables into cash by negotiating export L/C documents that are in compliant / purchasing of Export bill after accepted by the buyer.
  • Provide confidence in dealing with less familiar counterparties / riskier countries through confirmation of a letter of credit
  • Experienced documentary checkers that will check and verify documents are in order- thereby avoiding documents having discrepancies which may resulted to non payment from issuing bank.

Types of Export services

  • Advising of Export Letter of Credit
  • Negotiation of Export Letter of Credit
  • Transferring of Export Letter of Credit
  • Confirmation of Export Letter of Credit
  • Purchasing of Export Bill
  • Packing of Credit Loan
  • Invoice financing
  • Financing of Open Account trade transaction
  • Export Documentary Collection


All businesses incorporated in Singapore are eligible to apply.



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EFS Trade Scheme

(Government assistance Scheme administered
by Enterprise Singapore)

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  • Provide assurances to your buyer/ seller that if you fail to fulfill your contractual obligations, they are assured payment by claiming under the guarantees.
  • Guarantee payment to your beneficiary without tying up huge amounts of working capital / cash

Type of Guarantees

  • Bid Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Warranty Bond
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Financial Guarantee


All businesses incorporated in Singapore are eligible to apply.


  • Supports both domestic and export trade loan facilities


  • Incorporated and operating in Singapore; and
  • At least 30% local shareholdings; and
  • Group* Annual Sales Turnover must not be more than S$500 million.

*Group is defined as all levels up for corporate shareholders holding > 50% total shareholding of the applicant company and any subsequent corporate parents and subsidiaries all levels down.



Other Trade Related Services

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  • Minimize your receivables risk with credit protection against Buyer’s payment default
  • Receive up to 90% of cash against your invoices
  • Leverage on the Bank’s collections services


All businesses incorporated in Singapore are eligible to apply.

BIB Plus

  • Fully integrated internet banking that allows timely and seamless electronic submission of trade applications
  • Convenience in tracking transaction history and status pertaining to a specific transaction.

Foreign exchange services

  • Enjoy competitive rates for wide range of foreign currencies  and the ability to hedge foreign exchange exposures.
  • Secure “live” foreign exchange rates online with UOB eFX service via Business Internet Banking and enjoy real-time foreign exchange services.


  • To apply, all corporations have to set up an FX Line with the Bank. The FX line states the maximum amount and tenor that you may contract at any one time.
  • If your business currently has credit facilities (e.g. Letter of Credit, Trust Receipts or Overdraft line) with the Bank, you can arrange with your banker to restructure the credit line to accommodate the additional FX facility by earmarking a portion of the existing facilities.


Receives alerts via SMS or emails relating to your trade transactions .

Banker’s Guarantee (BG)

Follow up on the release of BG to beneficiary when the notification has been issued.


Trust Receipts

Receive notification on your approved import loan or invoice financing.


Reminders to pay Inward Bills and Import Loan or Invoice Financing

Importers will receive a reminder two days before their inward bills (LC or non-LC) and import loan or invoice financing are due for payment.


Letter of Credit (LC) Advice

Receive notification of your export LCs advised through UOB.


Inward Bills

Receive notification of all inward bills (both LC and non-LC) to arrange for acceptance or settlement.


Incoming Trade Receipts

Receive notification on your export receipts credited to your UOB accounts.


Letter of Credit (LC) Issuance

Follow up with your supplier for shipment when you receive notification that your import LC has been issued.


To apply for UOB eAlerts!, you require a corporate Current Account in any currency offered by UOB Group in Singapore and a Singapore-registered mobile number. You need to have approved trade credit facility with UOB to apply for Trade alerts service.

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