PayNow Corporate

PayNow Corporate

Make and receive digital payments instantly with PayNow and SGQR.

PayNow Corporate is an enhanced funds transfer service that will change the way you send and receive payments to/from your customers and business partners. By linking your SGD Corporate Account to your Unique Entity Number (UEN), you can receive monies almost instantly when your sender makes a payment to the UEN, or scans your Quick Response (QR) code. PayNow has been incorporated into SGQR (Singapore Quick Response Code), Singapore's unified QR label.

Your all-in-one payment solution

Easy and secure fund transfers

Easy and secure fund transfers

You don't have to share your account number.

Seamless payments

Seamless payments

Money is transferred directly into your SGD Corporate account.

Simple to use

Simple to use

Make cashless payments via mobile number/NRIC/UEN/Virtual Payment Address with just one QR code.

Register for PayNow Corporate

Register for PayNow instantly via UOB Infinity
(digital banking for business)

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between PayNow and PayNow Corporate?

PayNow Corporate offers the same digital convenience as PayNow but is designed specifically for businesses. Supported payment methods are:

  • Mobile number
  • NRIC
  • UEN (Unique Entity Number)
  • Virtual Payment Address 

Yes, it has the same security standards used by the Singapore banking industry for fund transfers.

These are identification numbers issued by the Registry of Societies, People's Association, Singapore Land Authority, Ministries, and others. Businesses and local companies currently registered with ACRA will retain their ACRA Registration Number as their UEN. 

SGQR (Singapore Quick Response code) helps you collect QR code payments from customers. It is a unified solution that works with different payment providers and e-wallets, so you only have to display and manage one SGQR code. PayNow is incorporated into SGQR. 

Our digital solution optimises your payments, collections, and reconciliations through a single app. It uses PayNow so you can accept cashless payments at point-of-sale or upon delivery.

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More answers are available in our Help & Support page.

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