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Business accounts designed to help SMEs start, expand, or grow.

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Singapore Dollar

UOB eBusiness Account

Save more than S$500 yearly on FAST and GIRO transaction fees.

  • Best for start ups and young businesses
  • Open an account with S$1,000
  • 60 free outgoing FAST/Paynow and 60 free GIRO Payment and collection transactions per month
  • Minimum balance waived for first 12 months of account opening
Singapore Dollar

UOB BizTransact Account

Save more than S$2,500 yearly on FAST and GIRO transaction fees.

  • Best for established businesses
  • 300 free outgoing FAST/Paynow and 300 free GIRO Payment and collection transactions per month
  • No monthly or annual account fee
  • Minimum average daily balance of S$50,000
Foreign Currency

UOB Global Currency Account

Manage payments in foreign currencies efficiently.

  • Best for businesses with multi-currency needs
  • Available in major foreign currencies
  • Earn daily interest on your account balances (for selected currencies)
Foreign Currency

UOB BizGlobal Account

Save more with US$38 outward telegraphic transfer fees and low trade financing fees.

  • Best for businesses with cross border trade
  • Earn 0.08% p.a. on your USD deposits from the first dollar
  • US$38 flat fee, including cable charges, for each Outward Telegraphic Transfer transaction via UOB Infinity (digital banking for business)
  • Preferential rates for trade finance transactions
Fixed Deposit

Corporate Fixed Deposits

Maximise your extra cash.

  • Best for businesses with surplus cash flow
  • Enjoy higher returns than current account deposits
  • Automatic renewals upon maturity
  • Choose SGD or a foreign currency

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