FAST Transfers

FAST Transfers

Make SGD fund transfers instantly with FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers).

Fast and Secure transfers 24/7

Real time and secure transfers

Real time and secure transfers

Pay and receive transfers securely.

24/7 payments

24/7 payments

FAST is available anytime and anywhere.

Enjoy peace of mind

Enjoy peace of mind

Get instant confirmation on all transactions and ease of account reconciliation.

Frequently asked questions

A. Background

1. What is FAST?
FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) is an electronic funds transfer service that enables customers of the participating banks to transfer Singapore Dollar funds from one bank to another in Singapore almost instantly.


2. Why is there a need for FAST?
FAST was introduced in response to the increasing demand from consumers and businesses for funds transfers that are faster and more efficient. Currently, it can take up to three working days for customers to transfer money from one bank to another.


3. When will FAST be launched?
FAST was launched on 17 March 2014.


4. Which are the participating banks of FAST?
For the latest list of participating banks, please refer to


5. Why are only certain banks participating in FAST?
The decision to participate in FAST is based on individual banks' commercial considerations. More banks may join at a later date.


6. Will Giro continue to be made available?
Yes. You can still transfer funds using Giro.


7. How does FAST compare with other payment modes?
a. FAST enables almost immediate receipt of funds. You will know the status of the transfer by accessing your bank account via UOB SME app or online.

Payment Type Receipt of Payments
FAST Almost immediate, 24x7 basis
Cheque Up to 2 working days
GIRO Up to 2 working days

b. FAST is available anytime, 24x7, 365 days.


8. Are transfers via FAST secure?
Yes. FAST is secure and adopts the same security standards established by the banking industry in Singapore for funds transfers.


9. What are the operating hours of FAST?
Most participating banks offer FAST 24x7.
For further details of operating hours of FAST offered by UOB, please refer to section B.


10. Who can use FAST?
Customers with savings or current accounts at the participating banks can use FAST.

11. How do I use FAST to transfer funds?
Businesses can access FAST via UOB SME app or online.
You will need the recipient's name and bank account number to transfer funds.


12. Can I use FAST if I have the recipient's name only and not the account number?
No. The recipient's bank account number is required to use FAST. The recipient's name is for reference purposes only.


13. Can I make a funds transfer from a FAST participating bank to a non-FAST participating bank?
No, FAST only enables funds transfer between accounts of the participating banks in Singapore. Funds between a participating and a non-participating bank can be transferred via eGIRO.


14. Can I use FAST to transfer funds to a bank account overseas?
No, FAST can only be used for Singapore Dollar funds transfers between bank customer accounts of the participating banks in Singapore.


15. How will I know if my funds transfer via FAST is successful?
You will know the status of the transfer by accessing your bank account via UOB SME app or online.


16. What happens if I made a wrong funds transfer?
Bank customers should exercise due care when keying in the amount and bank account number, similar to using current electronic funds transfer services via ATM or internet banking. Funds transferred via FAST will be credited to the recipient's bank account almost instantly. Please contact our Corporate Call Centre at 1800-226 6121 immediately if you have made a wrong funds transfer.

1. How to effect FAST payment?
UOB offers non-individual customers the following channels for FAST payment:

a. UOB SME app or online
• Single Transaction

b. UOB SME app or online
• Single Transaction
• Standing Instruction
• Post Dated Transaction

c. UOB Branches
• FAST Application Form for same day FAST payment
• FAST Standing Instruction Form for recurring FAST payments.


2. Can I effect FAST payment via ATM?
FAST payments via UOB ATMs are currently not available for UOB Corporate/Debit ATM card.


3. How do I effect FAST payment via UOB SME app or online?
You are required to create the list of beneficiaries' accounts which your company will be effecting FAST payments by submitting the Pre-Approved Beneficiary Form to the Bank.

You can download the Form from the FAST transaction screen in UOB SME app or online.


4. Why do I need to fill up a Pre- Approved Beneficiary Form to effect FAST payment via UOB SME app or online?
This is to enable the Bank to set up a drop-down list of beneficiaries for your convenient and secure FAST payments via UOB SME app or online.


5. What is UOB SME app or online?
UOB SME app or online is our new digital banking for business.

6. How do I effect FAST payment via UOB SME app or online?
Select the FAST payment screen and input the following details:

a. Name of beneficiary's bank
b. Beneficiary's account number
c. Payment amount
d. Purpose code
e. Beneficiary reference*

* To ease the end-to-end reconciliation, it is important to obtain the reference from your beneficiary.


7. What are the UOB operating hours of FAST?
FAST is available 24x7 for funds transfer effected via UOB SME app or online.

For FAST payments submitted at UOB branches, the FAST application form to be submitted from Monday to Friday (excluding public holiday):

- For ad-hoc payment, application must be submitted by 4pm for same day payment.
- For recurring payment, application for Standing Instruction must be submitted 7 business days prior to the first effective date.


8. Will there be charges if I use FAST?
Yes, there will be charges for FAST transactions performed via UOB SME app or online. Please refer to our website, for charges for manual instruction submitted at the branches. For details on FAST pricing, please call our Corporate Call Centre at 1800-226 6121, 9.00 am-6.30 pm, Monday –Friday (excluding public holiday)


9. Are there minimum and maximum transaction limits for FAST payments?
There is no minimum transaction limit for using FAST. However, there is a maximum limit for FAST payment of not more than SGD200,000 per transfer.

For payment exceeding SGD200,000, you may use Giro or MEPS.

The company's prevailing signatory limit will apply in addition to the FAST maximum transaction limit.


10. Is there a daily limit on the number of transactions that I can pay via FAST?
No, you can effect as many FAST payments as you need as long as they do not exceed SGDSGD200,000 per transfer.


11. Do I need to use any security token for FAST payments via UOB SME app or online?
Yes, FAST payments are subject to the same security standards of funds transfers effected via internet banking for businesses which require the use of the security token.


12. What will be reflected in my UOB Account Statement when I effect a FAST payment?
Funds Transfer – FAST
<Purpose Code><Beneficiary Reference>
<Channel & Transaction Reference>
<Beneficiary Name>


13. What do I do when I encounter an error message when performing a FAST transaction?
You can contact us via the following:


Phone: Corporate hotline 1800 226 6121 and select the FAST option.

1. Can I receive FAST payments?
Yes, you can receive FAST payments into your UOB SGD Current Account, Savings Account and UOB Credit Cards.


2. What are the hours that I can receive FAST payments?
You can receive FAST payment 24 x 7, including Saturday, Sunday and public holiday.


3. Can I use the funds immediately once my account is credited?
Yes, you can use the funds immediately once your account is credited.


4. Will there be charges for receiving FAST payments?
No, there are no charges for receiving FAST payments.


5. What will be reflected in my UOB Account Statement when I received a FAST Payment?
Inward CR – FAST
<Purpose Code & Description>
<Sender's Name>
<Beneficiary's Reference>*

* To ease your reconciliation, it is important to provide the sender your beneficiary reference.


6. What are the benefits of receiving FAST payments compared to other types of payment such as cheque, and GIRO?
a. Improve your cash flow as you collect your funds almost immediately when your customers pay you via FAST compared to cheque deposits and GIRO which can take up to three working days.

b. Ease of account reconciliation from the purpose code, description and sender's reference.

c. There are no charges for in-coming FAST transfers.


7. What do I need to provide to my clients for making FAST payment to my account with UOB?
You need to provide your clients the following:

a. Bank Name :
• United Overseas Bank, (SWIFT BIC UOVBSGSGXXX)#

b. For current or savings account
• Your 10 digit UOB account number


8. Are there any penalty fees for rejected items similar to current inter-bank funds transfer?
Penalty fees are currently waived for rejected FAST transactions.

1. Who can I contact if I have further queries on FAST?
You may contact the following:

- ABS hotline at +65 6224 4300 or
- Email ABS at or
- UOB Corporate Call Centre at 1800 226 6121, 9.00 am – 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holiday)..

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