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Electronic Banker’s Guarantee (eBG) Programme

Electronic Banker’s Guarantee (eBG) Programme

Save time and avoid delays with the Electronic Banker's Guarantee Programme. Enjoy prioritised processing from Singapore Customs.

Less waiting, less hassle

Shorter waiting times

Shorter waiting times

Enjoy prioritised processing from Singapore Customs.

Reduced hassle

Reduced hassle

Submit online and we'll handle the rest.

Avoid delays

Avoid delays

No more worries over document transit

Download Forms




BG Application Form

Security Application Template

Complete and submit all three forms via UOB Infinity (digital banking for business) or over-the-counter.

Submit your forms

Submit your forms

  • Complete the online form
    Complete the online form
  • Download and sign form
    Download and sign form
  • Email it to OnlineBG@UOBgroup.com
    Email it to OnlineBG@UOBgroup.com
  • Get your Banker's Guarantee
    Get your Banker's Guarantee

Frequently asked questions

What is the Electronic Banker’s Guarantee (eBG) Programme?

The eBG Programme is offered by Singapore Customs to speed up the security lodgement process of a BG with them. We will courier the original BG and send the BG digital data via Networked Trade. The main benefits of this opt-in programme include:

  • Shorter processing times as your security lodgement is prioritised
  • Reduced hassle as you do not have to collect and deliver your BG
  • Convenience as you can submit your forms online

More information about the eBG can be found on the Singapore Customs website.


You no longer need to collect the original BG and deliver it to Singapore Customs. UOB will courier the document on your behalf.

If you join the eBG Programme, you will not be able to collect your original BG from our Trade Counters.

The eBG Programme is only applicable for new BGs issued favouring Singapore Customs (Director-General of Customs / Comptroller of Goods and Services Tax).

Amendment or extensions of BGs will not be covered under this programme and will be handled as usual.

No. All standard BG issuance and processing fees from our Trade Pricing Guide apply.

Enquire through the Singapore Customs online feedback form. Select "Traders – Registering to Trade" from the dropdown menu.

  1. Complete the EBGP Form.
  2. Complete the BG Application Form.
  3. Complete the Security Application Template from Singapore Customs.
  4. Submit all documents through UOB Infinity or over-the-counter.
  5. Wait for an email notification from Singapore Customs.

If you do not have an existing BG facility with us, you can apply for a UOB Express BG and enjoy a S$100 fee waiver. Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions apply.

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