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Receive a 999 Pure Gold Bar worth up to S$1,380 in exclusive UOB limited edition design, based on the aggregated amount of Export Trade financing / services between 1st January 2020 to 31st March 2020.

Aggregate amount of
new Trade Bills* / Transaction Amount** ("X")
Reward for aggregated sum of
new Trade Bills* / Transaction Amount** ("X")
S$100,000 ≤ X < S$500,000 2g Gold Bar worth S$280
S$500,000 ≤ X < S$1,000,000 5g Gold Bar worth S$680
X ≥ S$1,000,000 10g Gold Bar worth S$1,380

*Trade Bills – refers to bills transacted on the following facilities; BEP-EIF (against corporate line) and BEP-DA/DP (against corporate line).
** Transaction Amount – refers to the amount transacted on the following facilities; LC Discounting and Transferrable LC.

Each Qualified Customer is limited to one Reward only. All prices quoted above are based on indicative 999 gold prices as at January 2020 and are subjected to change according to fluctuations in gold prices without prior notice.
Terms and conditions apply, click here for details.

Export Services

Export Letter of Credit (LC)

Export Letter of Credit (LC)

Improve cash flow when you are able to receive payments quickly for your export sales. Learn more about the key types of Letters of Credit (LC) we offer.


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Export Documentary Collection

Export Documentary Collection

Collect your payments efficiently as UOB helps to process your export documents.

Documents against Payment (DP)

We send your export documents to your buyer (buyer’s bank) . Once payment is received, we will credit the funds to your account.

Documents against Acceptance (DA)

We send your export documents to your buyer (buyer’s bank) so they can accept your bills to pay a fixed future date. When payment is received, we will credit the funds to your account.

  • Letter of Credit Advising

We help to authenticate your buyer’s LC and assure that it is legitimate before you complete the transaction

  • Letter of Credit Discounting/Negotiation

Convert your receivables into immediate cash while waiting for payment from your buyers, Improving cash flow.

  • Transferable Letter of Credit

If you are a middleman/reseller in a transaction, you can request for UOB to transfer your Export Transferrable LC to the final seller. This will eliminate the hassle of issuing an LC to purchase the goods before selling them against an Export LC, thereby helping you quickly secure the goods you have purchased. Click here to learn more.

  • Letter of Credit Confirmation

Remove uncertainties associated with the country risks or credit rating of your buyer’s issuing bank when UOB helps you to confirm the LC.

Export Bill Purchase

Export Bill Purchase

We can provide an advance to you by financing your export bills at full value, before you receive payment from your buyers. The advance will be based on your facility with UOB.

Other Export Services

Other Export Services

  Export Packing Credit

Financing to facilitate the preparation of goods prior to shipment. This application can be accompanied by documents evidencing the intended shipment, but need not be the actual shipping documents.

  Open Account Trade Finance

Improve your cash flow with short-term trade financing. We can provide Open Account Financing for the credit period you offer to your buyer, enhancing the relationship with your buyer.

Why choose UOB

Extend your connections through UOB Group’s extensive network

Extend your connections through UOB Group’s extensive network

Enjoy direct links with worldwide trading parties through the UOB Group's extensive network of regional offices and worldwide correspondent relationships

In-country advisory expertise

In-country advisory expertise

Gain direct access to advisory expertise on trade solutions, local market knowledge and regulations

Minimise your risk exposure

Minimise your risk exposure

Add our confirmation to the Export Letter of Credit to mitigate risks of dealing with less familiar counterparties, financial institutions, or higher risk countries

Trade Pricing Guide

Terms and conditions of UOB Trade Services apply.

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