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Get more out of your business profits with UOB investment services for potentially higher returns on assets that you own.

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Foreign Exchange

Trade with confidence by leveraging our competitive rates and dedicated services.

  • Access FX specialists to manage risk
  • No remittance fees on selected currencies
  • Competitive FX rates
  • Book FX online and enjoy preferential rates

Unit Trusts

Gain access to a wide range of investments to meet your investment goals.

  • Access diverse markets and assets
  • Simple to buy and redeem
  • Actively managed by a professional fund manager

Gold & Silver Spot Contracts

Diversify your risks and hedge against inflation.

  • Resilient in the face of inflation
  • Highly liquid assets
  • Easy to buy and sell

Structured Deposits

Earn potentially higher returns by combining a deposit with an investment product.

  • Underlying assets includes equities, bonds and currencies
  • No upfront costs
  • Receive pre-agreed principal amount by holding until maturity

Dual Currency Investments

Get potentially higher return with a structured investment with an embedded FX option.

  • Available in 10 global currencies
  • Minimum tenure of 1 week
  • No upfront costs


Diversify your portfolio with potential regular returns and capital gain in bond prices.

  • Earn potentially higher returns than savings or fixed deposits accounts
  • Stable and secure potential investment income
  • Wide range of bonds

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