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Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Protect your credit exposure and benefit from credit risk management tools to optimise business growth.

Protect against unpaid commercial debt

Protect against unpaid commercial debt

Protect your outstanding invoices from commercial and political risks.

Stay competitive

Stay competitive

Enables you to offer open credit terms.

Make informed decisions

Make informed decisions

Access credit management tools and debtor alerts to make balanced risk decisions.

^applicable to policies with export sales

Ready to protect your business?

Ready to protect your business?

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Trade Credit Insurance?

    Trade credit insurance, sometimes also known as Accounts Receivable Insurance, protects your business in the event of a customer failing to pay a trade debt.

    Trade credit insurance covers B2B accounts receivables and protects your business from non-payment of commercial debt due to a buyer's bankruptcy, insolvency, and other insured risks.

    Trade credit insurance protects your capital, maintains your cash flow, and secures your earnings while extending your competitive credit terms and helping you gain access to better financing.

    With trade credit insurance, you can transfer commercial and political risks of trade that are beyond your control to an insurer so as to give you good financial footing to extend more credit to existing customers or when you are pursuing new, larger customers that would have otherwise seemed too risky.

    You should consider investing in Trade Credit Insurance for your business if you are looking to:

    • Grow your sales safely and with confidence to new and existing customers
    • Provide better financing terms to your customers to capture more revenue opportunities
    • Maintain cash flow and profitability by mitigating your risk of bad debt
    • Make better business decisions by accessing your risk data easily
    • Protect your business against non-payment and catastrophic losses
    • Expand into new international markets, backed by protection from unique export risks and the market knowledge provided by our insurance partner
    • Reduce bad-debt reserves and free up capital

    Trade Credit Insurance is designed for businesses with insurable sales at least S$1 million. Speak to our specialists and insurance partner to better understand your business needs and seek suitable solutions.

    Yes. Our insurance partner is experienced in supporting longer-term transactions, such as multi-year contracts. Get in touch with us, and our insurance partner will be pleased to make recommendations for your business.

    If you have long-standing customers who are well funded, it is important to keep track of their financial health and evaluate the risk of non-payment. Our insurance partner provides insurance backed by insights from economists, allowing you to make analysis on your business data and trade with confidence.

    This policy is protected under the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Upon approval of your application, coverage for the policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact your insurer or visit the General Insurance Association (GIA) or SDIC websites.

    The above is provided for general information only and is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of the relevant insurance are provided in the policy contract and will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application by Euler Hermes ("EH").

    You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before making a commitment to purchase the product. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider carefully whether this product is suitable for you.

    UOB does not hold itself out to be an insurer, insurance broker or insurance agent, and nothing herein shall be deemed to create a partnership or agency relationship with Euler Hermes. The insurance products and services stated herein are provided by Euler Hermes.

    United Overseas Bank Limited Co. Reg. No. 193500026Z
    Euler Hermes Co. Reg. No. T13FC0142K

    Please refer to the applicable policy contract for the full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance product.

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