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UOB eAlerts!

UOB eAlerts!

Get alerts on specific account and trade finance activities to better manage your business.

UOB eAlerts! is an email/SMS alert service that informs you of your account balances and alerts you of specific account and trade finance activities, to help you better manage your accounts.

Stay on top of your account activities

Monitor cash flow and trade transactions

Monitor cash flow and trade transactions

Get real-time updates and notifications.

Stay updated on trade

Stay updated on trade

Receive status updates on trade documents, bills, financing, and more.

Straight to your inbox

Straight to your inbox

Get alerts sent via email for free or SMS (charges apply).

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For new subscribers

For new subscribers

Application form

Accounts & Services Resolution *

*To be submitted with the application form, if applicable. Required for corporations/limited liability partnerships / partnerships / societies / associations / clubs / management corporations that have not executed the Accounts & Services Resolution previously.

For existing subscribers

For existing subscribers

Maintenance form

Frequently asked questions

Why should I sign up for alerts?

Alerts let you be updated anytime, anywhere. They can be especially useful when you are waiting for certain cash or trade activity to carry out your business.

You can customise what alerts to receive, or how they are sent. Full details will be in the application form when you apply.

Yes, this is a safe and secure service. All notifications will have the account number masked to keep it private.

Choose the service you prefer.

We recommend starting with email alerts as they are free and non-disruptive. You can always sign up for SMS alerts in the future.

Yes, you can. Please note that prevailing charges for SMS alerts apply on a per account basis.

No, you can add as many recipients as you want. Please note that prevailing SMS charges apply on a per mobile number basis as well.

No. However, additional charges may be incurred from your mobile service provider when you access emails or receive SMS while overseas.

Your subscription will be activated within 5 business days once all duly completed documents have been received.

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