Activate your Infinity Secure on UOB SME app to start transacting securely and effortlessly.

• Your existing account information and standing instructions will not be affected. Follow below step-by-step to activate now.
• For new-to-bank customers, please click here to setup instead.

/Step 1

Step 1

Tap on 'Start banking' > 'OK'

/Step 2

Step 2

Tap on ‘OK’
Only applicable to customers with UOB Infinity app installed on the device

/Step 3

Step 3

Log in with UOB Infinity IDs

/Step 4

Step 4

Tap on 'Yes' to register Infinity Secure

/Step 5

Step 5

Tap on 'Yes'

/Step 6

Step 6

Enter the code received on your registered email address

/Step 7

Step 7

Enter the code received on your registered mobile number via SMSs

/Step 8

Step 8

Create your 6-digit PIN

/Step 9

Step 9

Follow on screen instructions*

/Step 10

Step 10

Repeat step 6 & 7 to validate your new 6-digit PIN and you're done!

*For an added layer of security to prevent fraudulent activation of Infinity Secure, you will only be able to activate your digital token on UOB SME app after 12 hours.

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